Black Terror - Vol. 2

Story by
Art by
Jonathan Lau
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment presents the second volume of the Black Terror - collected here for the very first time - from writers Phil Hester and Alex Ross, along with artists Jonathan Lau (issues 5-8) and Mike Lilly (issue #9)! Featured within, the debut of the all-new American Crusader (along with the saga of the original!). The action is cranked up to full throttle in this collection as the Black Terror sets out to uncover more secrets... secrets that may be better left alone!

"Hester and Ross distinguish the Black Terror from his peers and even his colleagues. This is a different kind of super-hero. His experience in World War II defines his rebellion, and his sense of fairplay describes his actions." - ComicsBulletin.com

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