Black Panther, Watchmen, Heroes: November 10th Comic Reel


According to Variety, actor Djimon Hounsou will voice the lead character in the upcoming BET animated series. "It's a blessing for African Americans and minorities to have a superhero they can identify with," said Hounsou.

Series debut: 2009.


Here's a new poster for the Zack Snyder-directed film based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Speaking of Snyder, he spoke with Dark Horizons about the new trailer. "I just saw the final version of it this morning," Snyder said. "It's a little bit more story, a teeny bit more like a full trailer. This is much more like 'someone's picking off costume heroes.' You'll get a sense of the characters plight you know, 'we were supposed to make the world a better place ... what happened to the American Dream?'"

Release date: March 6, 2009.


Is there a problem with the NBC series? The New York Times thinks so, and discusses what's happening to try and fix it.

Moreover, Sci Fi Wire has a little inside scoopage on the upcoming episode, "Villains."

Next episode ... ooh, tonight! "Villains" airs tonight!


CBR News has the scoop on the man who's bringing Steve Rogers to the silver screen.

No release date announced.


Superhero Hype spoke with producers Joel Silver and Susan Downey, who talked about bringing the Vertigo property to the big screen. Silver said, "I've always liked that project, it was a competing project with 'Dirty Dozen' for a while, but it didn't happen at Warners, so we kind of took it into Dark Castle, so we may try to make that now. But I hope to do 'Dirty Dozen' one day, too. I always look at these things that there's a lot of time, a lot of movies to make. Sometimes the time is right for them and sometimes you have to wait to make them for another time."

No release date announced, directed by Sylvain White.


A story in the Hollywood Reporter is in final negotiations to take on the Robert E. Howard property. "The story opens on the battlefield where Conan is born and tells the origin story that sets the stage for what will be the first of multiple films," said Avi Lerner of Millennium Films.

No release date announced.


The official studio synopsis of the mutant minded movie is available at The Geek Files.

No release date announced.


Kryptonsite has two sets of screen captures for this November 13th episode, "Abyss."

Next episode: November 13th, 2008.


Reports of principal photography being done seem premature, as there's new photos from shooting on an the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

Directed by Michael Bay, release date June 26, 2009.


There's a new trailer (WMV file) out for the new animated series, while Marvel Animation Age notes that 26 episodes are in pre-production.

Next episode, "Greetings from Genosha," November 15th, 2008.


The image gallery at Superhero Hype has been updated with new photos from the Will Eisner adaptation.

Directed by Frank MIller, release date December 25th, 2008.


A big story at MTV talks about the big names swirling around the lead role.

Directed by David Fincher, no release date announced.


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