Black Panther Prequel Comic Art Teases Friction With Captain America


Last month, Marvel Comics announced Rise of the Black Panther, a prequel that will delve into the first year of T’Challa’s tenure as the king/superhero of Wakanda. Though the book doesn’t debut until next year, that hasn’t stopped writer Evan Narcisse from tweeting an early look at series artist Paul Renaud's work on the title. In the glimpse of what the pair have planned, we learn how T'Challa and Captain America react to each other when they first met.

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It’s only natural that T’Challa act so hostile towards the Sentinel of Liberty. Prior to Steve Rogers and T’Challa striking up their friendship, Wakanda was still an isolationist nation, and with good reason. The country wished to protect its stockpile of precious Vibranium from outsiders who would no doubt wished to use it for more sinister purposes. After all, just look at that Ulysses Klaw guy.

Outsiders have been such a problem for Wakanda, T’Challa is clearly not in the mood to hear whatever Steve’s selling, as made clear by his words in the second tweet. “You’ve come to steal what you’ve desired, as elsewhere on the continent? That does not happen in Wakanda.” It just goes to show that every friendship has their rough patches in the early days.

Rise of the Black Panther arrives in January.

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