15 Powers You Didn't Know Black Panther Had

Black Panther is one of the newest heroes to join the MCU. With his solo movie coming up early next year, many people are becoming familiar with the character and the footprint he left on Marvel Comics. Like most newly introduced heroes in the MCU, there isn't much most people know about him other than he looks like a panther and has claws to boot. In the comics, there is a lot of deep lore and history to not only Black Panther, but T'Challa himself. Being the king of Wakanda, many of the stories deal with how he handles this while still maintaining his time as a superhero/protector of his country. That's where things get much more exciting.

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While we've seen Black Panther deflect bullets and put claw marks on Captain America's shield, his capabilities go far beyond that. We're not sure which of these abilities will appear in the upcoming Black Panther film, but there's a lot of material for the writers to work with. After all, he is a ferocious superhero who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. With that in mind, do you want to expand your knowledge of Marvel Comics? Then read on for 15 powers you didn't know Black Panther had.


The Black Panther is more than just one man who became a superhero. It is, instead, a mantle that is passed down through the Wakandan Royal Family. Only the kings get to wear the suit and draw from its power. Combining a bit of African religion on top of this, having the suit be passed down brings more benefits than just history.

Black Panther, much like the Avatar in The Last Airbender, has the ability to tap into the knowledge and experience of all Black Panthers that came before him. This means that he has the potential to overcome all of their own struggles if they were to resurface. If Klaw decides to show up and fight a future Black Panther, he'll be in for a rough battle.


There is so much to Black Panther's superhuman senses that we found it difficult to name it in just a single entry. We just settled on the adjective "amazing" to try and compensate. Taking a page out of his namesake, Black Panther has heightened senses that allow him to see greater distances, hear in greater detail, and even taste each ingredient in his food.

As if that weren't impressive enough, T'Challa can see different spectrums of light, including ultraviolet light. This ability allows him to see in total darkness, giving him the upper hand against any invader that would try and get to Wakanda during the nighttime. This also factors into his tracking capability (he is one of the best trackers in the Marvel Universe).


We all know that the Black Panther suit is made from a vibranium weave. This means that nearly any impact won't damage really it, whether it be a .50 caliber bullets or a massive punch to the face. However, even if that suit manages to weaken, or T'Challa isn't wearing it at the time, he still has a last line of defense against incoming attacks.

Black Panther himself has high durability. His bones and muscles are all much stronger than the average human, meaning that he can stretch himself further and take more hits in the process. This comes in handy when he finds himself in a fist fight without his suit. Whether he's geared up or not, Black Panther almost always has the upper hand.


Something that is normally trademark of a mutant is actually present in T'Challa as well. Understand, though, that his healing factor doesn't hold a candle to the impressive abilities of Wolverine or of Deadpool. Instead, it's a relatively minor addition that makes him a much more threatening superhero when added to all of his other impressive abilities.

If Black Panther engages in a fight where he loses an arm, his healing factor won't help him grow it back (then again, that's why he wears the vibranium). But, if someone damages his bones or muscles, he'll regenerate them very quickly. Furthermore, Black Panther doesn't have to worry about the threat of diseases and mental impairments, because he is impervious to all of them due to how the healing factor affects his immune system.


In Fantastic Four #607-608, something big happened for Black Panther. No longer was he just the king of Wakanda -- he was also the King of the Dead. Because of this, he gained a lot of new powers that enhanced his adventures as a superhero. Among these powers, the darkest of the bunch is necromancy.

Due to his new and shiny title, Black Panther is able to command armies of the undead (as shown in Secret Wars #7). They will bend to his will and fight whatever battles he orders them to. He even managed to control the spirits of Necropolis and force them to help him fight against a dark villain. It's unlikely this will appear in the upcoming movie, but we that doesn't mean we've given up on hope.


In order to be like a cat, one must have the sharp reflexes of a cat. According to the great Captain America, Black Panther has honed his skills to have better reflexes than that of a real-life panther, making him one of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe. So just how far can his heightened reflexes push him?

Not only can he dodge and deflect gunfire, but he can do it at point blank range. Even if a sniper set his sights on the King, T'Challa would be able to dodge the shot, meaning that he's nearly impossible to touch during battle. The swiftness of his reaction time is greater than that of any other human who ever lived (excluding superpowered ones of course).


When humans exercise, it isn't long before chemicals are sent through your body to make you fatigued. We work out in order to increase the time it takes for those chemicals to be released. Black Panther doesn't have to worry about that as much as we do, as his body is nearly absent of these chemicals.

T'Challa's stamina is unlike any other human on Earth. He can run for great periods of time, fight for hours on end, and track an opponent at maximum speed for days. Even his lungs have increased stamina, allowing him to hold his breath for six full minutes before having to resurface. Black Panther has no trouble keeping up his fists for hours even while fighting at his highest level of energy.


Comics aren't the easiest pieces of literature to understand, so we'll simplify this as much as possible to make it simpler to read and comprehend. In Ultimates Vol 2 #4, Black Panther came in contact with the mind of the cosmic being, Galactus. After this, he was riddled with visions of various Marvel Universes and what was happening in each of these newly discovered multiverses.

This sixth sense grew to the point where T'Challa could see the entire "cage" that existed around the Multiverse. He could sense things that went on in other realities, whether he was asleep or wide awake. Once you start digging into how the Multiverse works and how Black Panther's visions are tied into each dimension, that's where things get much more complex.


In Hulk #601, it was revealed who the top minds of the Marvel Universe were. Coming in at the number eight spot was none other than our boy, T'Challa, the Black Panther. While this might seem fairly low, that's nothing to scoff at, considering the brilliance of other heroes in Earth-616 (and just the sheer amount of characters in the Marvel Universe).

Black Panther is readily equipped with a photographic memory that helped him to excel while studying physics and advanced levels of math. He was smart enough in these areas to create an entirely new branch of science known as Shadow Physics, which directly relates to how vibranium works. It allowed him to not only track the powerful metal, but learn how to destroy it.


Due to being royalty of a strong nation like Wakanda, T'Challa was raised from a very young age how to fight. He was trained and groomed to be a warrior. Every day he would learn new techniques and fighting styles that would help him to defend himself from enemy attackers. Decades of training have allowed him to master all fighting styles on the planet.

His fighting skills are so impressive that he was even able to best Captain America in combat. Better yet, he took down Wolverine without breaking a sweat (and neither of those men are terrible fighters). Black Panther is nearly unbeatable and is strong enough to take out a foe with a single blow to the head, as shown in Black Panther Vol 4 #20.


As warfare in the world advances, so too do the weapons that people use when fighting wars. Due to his warrior training, Black Panther was carefully instructed in how to use each and every weapon created on the planet Earth. Similar to the fighting styles, he ended up mastering all of them efficiently.

Whether it's a sword, bow, or gun, Black Panther knows how to use it. Better yet, he's also one of the best marksmen in Wakanda, being proficient in projectiles as well as rifles. This ability alone guarantees that he'll be ready for each and every situation, always having the knowledge to use whatever is lying around for his own sake. He can even fight on the same playing field of Bullseye and Taskmaster -- both masters of using special weapons.


Part of what makes Black Panther such an impressive hero is that many of these powers were learned rather than awarded to him. Among the most impressive of these abilities is his uncanny understanding of multiple languages. Clearly, he would at least have to be bilingual, having ties to the American team known as the Avengers while still being the ruler of Wakanda.

Like most native Wakandan people, T'Challa went the extra mile and impressively learned several other languages along the way. Being a diplomatic official, he feels that it's necessary to be able to properly communicate with anyone around the world, which should be an example for real-life world leaders. Most wars are started because of miscommunication, and T'Challa does everything he can to ensure that never occurs with Wakanda.


Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark are some of the greatest inventors ever known to the Marvel Universe, but T'Challa has his own foot in that world as well. Like many of his other abilities, he isn't as great of an inventor as the aforementioned Marvel heroes, but his works are nothing to sneeze at either.

For starters, his understanding of advanced math and science allow him to alter his suit and create many unique devices, as well as talk on the level of Tony Stark. Furthermore, if he sees any schematics for a much more impressive project, he can instantly replicate it due to his intelligence and photographic memory. It comes in handy when his suit or other equipment has a serious flaw.


T'Challa is in good standing with many ancient gods and goddesses, and it was the Panther Goddess who blessed him with super strength. Black Panther, as a result, can fearlessly take on just about any foe that stands in his path. Once, he has even been seen physically stopping a stampede of elephants.

His strength has been tested numerous times, to the point where he's had to fight superpowered contenders like Namor. However, he can stand toe-to-toe with the best of them due to how strong he is. There are some Marvel resources that state he can lift up to 800 pounds, but due to the history of the comics, it's unclear just how far his super strength can go. Some comics state that he's even stronger.


One of the most useful pieces of equipment on board the Black Panther suit is the cloaking mechanism. It's more than just a device that makes T'Challa invisible -- it goes above and beyond. He can expand the range of the cloak or make it disappear altogether without pressing a single button. The entire mechanism is controlled with his mind.

As if that weren't impressive enough, the cloak allows T'Challa to wear the Black Panther suit at all times without garnering unwanted attention. The suit can disguise itself in regular civilian clothes, thus disguising the vibranium superhero in crowds of people. It would be extremely impractical to wear a black metal suit underneath all of your day clothes, so adding this extra bit of function means that T'Challa is ready to spring into action in every moment.

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