Michael B. Jordan Weighs in on Black Panther's Oscar Prospects

black panther killmonger

From boasting excellent special effects to a screenplay that embraced the character's comic book roots, Black Panther has to gone on to become one of Marvel's most popular and acclaimed films, to the point where fans, critics and even Marvel themselves believe the film should be nominated for an Academy Award. Joining them in this belief is Michael B. Jordan, who played the film's main villain, Killmonger, and who has weighed in on the film's chances of getting an Oscar.

"The movie has done such a great job, broke through so many glass ceilings, and made such an impact culturally and around the world," said Jordan in an interview with Essence. "If the Academy chooses to recognize that project for all of those reasons that's amazing icing on the cake, but I think what the movie has done so far is truly incredible and a win all its own."

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"I felt so accomplished, but it's not up to me to validate the film," said Jordan. "So the people who make those decisions, that's something they have to think about and figure out on their own."

Jordan isn't the only actor from the movie who believes it should be nominated for an Oscar, as its star, Chadwick Boseman, gave his reasons for why the film should win a best picture Oscar. Given how popular comic book movies have become over the past decade, Black Panther winning an Oscar could cement the genre as something to take more seriously, and show just how influential it is as a whole.

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