Black Panther's Killmonger Is a 'Selfless' Revolutionary, Jordan Says

Erik Killmonger, the primary antagonist of Marvel's Black Panther, may not be the typical movie supervillain. Audiences might even find him to be altruistic.

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"I feel like Killmonger is very selfless," actor Michael B. Jordan told Screen Rant during a visit to the film's set. "I feel like he's looking at the bigger picture. I think he's always looking at the bigger picture, since he was really young, which is why he's a great thinker and a great strategist, 'cuz he's had time to look at the big picture and try to figure it out. And to the best of his ability, I feel like he figured out – it makes sense to him."

Asked to describe Killmonger, the actor replied, "Can I give a one-word answer? Can I ask if this is cool before I say it? [Whispers into ear of production member.] All right. He's a revolutionary."

Created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler, Killmonger debuted in 1973 in Marvel Comics' Jungle Action #6. The film version will depict the character as a former American black-ops soldier named Erik Stevens, who earns the nickname "Killmonger" in the field.

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Arriving in theaters on Feb. 16, director Ryan Coogler's Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Guira, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke, Martin Freeman, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis and Angela Bassett.

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