Black Panther Fans Can Get Their Own Erik Killmonger Tribal Mask

The holiday season is upon us, as is awards season in the film industry. In this regard, Black Panther is getting plenty of love, securing multiple nominations like Best Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and receiving 12 nominations at the Critic's Choice Awards. For those looking for a unique holiday gift, look no further than this realistic replica of one of film's more unique props.

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Thanks to a new listing on Rubie's Costume Company, fans of Black Panther can take home a detailed, realistic version of the mask stolen from a museum by Erik Killmonger in the film's first act. Listed under "Erik Killmonger Adult Tribal Mask," the replica nails down every detail of the real prop, from the horns and hair to the old-fashioned etching on the front.

In the film, the mask is taken by Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue, but only after they grab what they really came for: An axe made of Vibranium, the precious material mined in Wakanda. After Killmonger and Klaue take out the museum's security guards and grab the axe, Killmonger sees the mask in a different display and takes it for himself. He later dons the mask when breaking Klaue out of custody.

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The price of the mask on Rubie's Costume Company is unlisted, and there is no product description, but there's another listing on Big Bad Toy Store for the same mask, which costs $49.99. The mask could make a solid Christmas present for a Marvel fan, and could be part of one heck of a Halloween costume next year.

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