Wakandart: 15 Black Panther Fan Designed Costumes We Wish Were Real

It’s fair to say that the world is well and truly head over heels for Black Panther, Wakanda, Shuri, Okoye, Killmonger and the Dora Milaje. People from all walks of life are loving Black Panther, and why wouldn’t they? He’s a great character surrounded by equally captivating people. But Black Panther has been protecting Wakanda (and the world) since 1966. In that time he’s teamed-up with countless heroes, developed incredible technology and fought against a whole host of villains.

In his role as part of the Illuminati, he’s even fought off extra-dimensional and cosmic threats. T’Challa has certainly had some interesting adventures. And even though he’s been a legendary part of the Marvel Universe now that he’s part of the MCU, he’s only going to become more popular. And that means that more fans will start to have their own takes on what Black Panther should look like. In this list, we’ve got a whole host of different Panther designs that manage to push the boundaries of what T’Challa’s costume should look like. There’s influences from many aspects of the Marvel Universe as well as some from outside of it too. Here are 15 Black Panther fan designed costumes we wish were real.


When browniedjhs went about designing a new costume for Black Panther in 2014, the artist wanted something that could fit right in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the final result isn’t actually that far off the final version. Although it the suit is mainly silver rather than black, it relies on the Vibranium as the key aspect of the suit.

It’s a strong look that seems to be made up of two suits. An inner bodysuit and the armored plating that slides over the top. The gauntlets that fit over the top of the arms as well as the belt and shoulder pads. There’s the nod to the usual look, with the Vibranium ring around his neck that symbolizes the iconic claw necklace.


This costume is definitely inspired by the live action version of T’Challa that we’ve seen in Captain America: Civil War and the Black Panther film. KingCozy7’s design has similar vibranium markings on his cowl, claws and chest. But the really interesting bit is the fur collar that sits at the base of his neck. That part of the design is clearly takes note from Shuri’s own Black Panther costume in the comics.

The Vibranium gauntlets and the boots are a great addition to the suit, and alongside the claw detailing on them -- it’s a striking design. But if you look closely there’s a tiny Black Panther emblem on the chest of the suit. The attention to detail here is very impressive. Knowing what Shuri can do with T’Challa’s costume, those boots are probably completely silent.


A design by Kaseddy embraces an Egyptian style with a modern twist to Black Panther’s costume. It’s largely the mask that evokes that Egyptian vibe to Black Panther, with the narrow eyes, ears and nose guard looking similar to hieroglyphic designs of Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs and warriors. And with the size of Black Panther’s muscles here, he’s definitely a warrior.

The part that impressed us the most, was the gold mask. The ring design pulls up over the lower half of his face to conceal his identity, and it’s an impressive idea. And although the retractable claws aren’t exactly new, the detail and ideas behind them work a treat. And it’s the smaller touches that make this suit great, the gloves and the anklets for example.


Whilst it is very similar to the current version of Black Panther we see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MatthewRoyale had a very specific idea in mind when designing his version of T’Challa’s costume. In the description he mentions that he sees Wakanda as a “highly artistic society” as well as being technologically advanced. So this costume has plenty of details that are intricately woven into it.

Whilst it feels modern with the Vibranium parts of his suit, there are some choices that draw your attention, like the oversized claw necklace for example. But the knuckle guards on his hands certainly remind us of the Infinity Gauntlet. Perhaps T’Challa just liked the design? Either way, this costume is a slick way of pushing the suit forward but highlighting Wakandan culture.


Whilst we’ve able to play as Black Panther in Marvel ensemble games like Lego Marvel Superheroes or Ultimate Alliance, the King of Wakanda is yet to receive his own game. And after the incredible success of the Black Panther film, it’s time to see T’Challa take his fight to the consoles. This design by dimz would work well in a stylistic vision of Wakanda perfectly.

It blends two eras of Black Panther together. The time of the collar and cape alongside the design in the MCU. It looks like an adult take on the now defunct Disney Infinity designs of the characters. The claws, the stance, the armor…everything about this Black Panther screams heroic. But imagine playing as T’Challa with this type of visual, being able to upgrade and customize his suit would be a treat. Someone hire dimz.


Black Panther has appeared in several animated series across the years, each with its own distinctive design. But Sketch Master Skillz (aka Samir Barrett) has brought a new look for T’Challa that feels reminiscent of the Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe. Both the build of the hero and the updated costume design definitely takes us back to that golden age of cartoons.

A Black Panther solo animated series in this style could be incredible. We all know that the suit uses Vibranium in its enhancements, it doesn’t need to be shown every single time. And this suit chooses a sleeker style to it rather than overdoing the details. We see some detailing on the eyes of the chest and his wrists -- but it largely sticks with simplicity. It’s a technique that works brilliantly.


JohannLacrosaz brings us his take on the King of Wakanda. And it embraces the technological aspect of African kingdom in a great way, whilst also treading fresh ground on the costume. It clearly takes a cue from the Iron Man armor, with the plating over the top and the undersuit. Shuri did say she was smarter than Tony Stark, maybe she wanted to prove she could do it better than he could.

His mask is quite different, looking like the top half of a Panther’s face rather than the typical Black Panther cowl. Then there’s the shoulder piece that looks similar to Shuri’s gauntlets from the Black Panther film. Plus the way the chest armor pieces fit together to create a Panther face is great. Hail to the King of Wakanda.


This is one King of Wakanda you do not want to get on the wrong side of. The design by Dave-Wilkins shows us a beefed up T’Challa that could probably go toe-to-toe with the Hulk by the size of him. It’s a huge costume for a very physically imposing hero. This is a Black Panther that would probably inspire urban/folk legends in the surrounding countries of Wakanda. The cowl is also extra-large, and although it might not be practical, it certainly looks impressive.

Then there’s the gauntlets. They’re likely reinforced, and could probably be used to shield himself from attacks if necessary. With razor sharp claw and an equally sharp demeanor, this Black Panther is definitely ready for war. Killmonger has nothing on this King.


Whilst this Black Panther by Nezart isn’t too different from some versions we’ve seen in the comics that use Black Panther’s cape and collar to mark his regal nature, it’s strikingly effective. It’s void of fancy detailing or Vibranium add-ons, it’s extremely simple. And it manages to say a lot about this version of the character.

But perhaps one of the best things about this suit, is the color. We all know that T’Challa is known for his black suit, but when he appeared in X-Men: Animated The Series, his costume was mainly blue. This suit runs with the blue costume idea with brilliant success. It omits the collar, but makes the cape and mask all one piece that sit over the top of the suit. It’s an excellent design.


This is a very simple suit by JoelRCarroll, but it works very well. The gray and black design work together to bring a brawler nature to T’Challa, and the simple stripes work to striking effect. Maybe it’s the shoulder straps, but it reminds us of the black and white S.H.I.E.L.D. agent outfits. Black Panther working as part of S.H.I.E.L.D., or even leading it -- would be so interesting.

But the stripes also remind us of the noir version of Spider-Man, so a Noir version of Black Panther similar to the time that Kasper Cole took on the mantle would be fascinating to see. Another element of this costume we like, is the ears. They’re not as pointy or even a similar shape to the usual style, but they still evoke a similar look in their own way.


This design by ShaneGreer takes Black Panther in a different direction than usual. Green isn’t usually a color that is associated with T’Challa. Typically, the Wakandan King’s costume is silver and black. But here, the artist has incorporated gold and green into the detailing of his armor. In the description, he mentioned that he wanted to weave in details from a number of different cultures in Africa.

The green actually fits in quite well, and the green eyes have a striking effect. But combined with the new color and the shoulder pads, we can’t help but see a resemblance to the original Green Ranger from Power Rangers. And although it might not be the intention of the artist, it definitely works in the favor of the design.


Kaseddy makes it onto our list once again in a very different tribal take on Black Panther. There’s a definite ceremonial feel for this look, especially with the golden mask version of this costume. The golden bejeweled chest piece doesn’t look like it’s fixed to the suit, rather fitting over the top instead. The loin cloth flowing straight from the abs of the costume whilst being braced by the belt also is quite inventive.

And it’s a small detail, but the fact that he can strap his mask to the side of his belt is also an interesting concept. It’s better than detaching his mask and placing it in the snow like he did during Captain America: Civil War. This looks like the type of suit he would wear solely in Wakanda, rather than out on missions with the Avengers.


So, remember when Captain America: The Winter Soldier really played into the super spy element of the hero? This design by anjinanhut does the exact same thing for Black Panther. We all know that he’s a protector of Wakanda, but what if he ventured out into the world with the rest of Wakanda’s spies? This would be an excellent suit for undertaking espionage missions or even black-ops style operations.

There’s a definite paramilitary style to this Black Panther. With a combat vest and belt, it’s likely that this is one version of T’Challa that wouldn’t hesitate to make the tough calls when needed. What’s interesting is the mask goes for a different take, going for hardly any detailing except for the piercing eyes. We need a Super Soldier Cap/T’Challa team up with this costume.


There was a brief period of time where T’Challa’s costume actually featured a mask that left his mouth uncovered, much like other typical superhero masks, cowls and helmets. This design by toekneearrows utilizes the same idea but in a tactical way. His mouth is uncovered but protects his neck, chin and jaw.

The mask features two silver stripes that really highlight the yellow eyes. Presumably, the silver would be Vibranium enhancements. Is it just us, or do the Vibranium parts reaching around from his back look Cap’s shield mount from the MCU? One thing that really stands out are the wholly silver claws. Usually, Black Panther’s claws are black like the rest of his costume, but here they are highlighted and look razor sharp. This tactical take on the Wakandan King looks like he means business.


This redesign by Jason Reeves and colored by Luis-Guerrero sees a very different take on T’Challa, his costume and his powers. Whilst the Heart Shaped Herb merely enhances all of Black Panther’s abilities, here it physically enhances body by giving him claws from his hands and his feet.

And then there’s the impressive armor. It’s a huge step away from the typical costume. The sleeveless metal suit blends a tribal aesthetic with a futuristic technology, much like Wakanda is famous for. Then there’s the mask, it’s genuinely quite intimidating. Maybe it’s the red eyes and the narrow eyebrow and nose design, but he looks a little evil. Combined with the dreadlocks, this Black Panther has a Predator vibe. If you saw him charging at you in the forest, we’d probably get to the chopper too.

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