Black Panther: CIA's Twitter Account Was All In for a Wakandan Oscar Win

While many fans were hoping Black Panther would win big at last night's Academy Awards, perhaps the most surprising voice of support came from the Central Intelligence Agency.

As the Hollywood award ceremony began last night, the CIA's official Twitter account wished the Marvel Cinematic Universe film luck for its seven nominations, including Best Picture. The federal intelligence agency then went on a brief overview of the film's advanced technology, comparing them with real-world counterparts, albeit not quite as advanced and sophisticated as that seen in Wakanda.

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Nominated for more Academy Awards than any other MCU film, Black Panther ultimately won three awards at the ceremony last night. Ruth Carter was awarded for Best Costume Design and Hannah Beachler for Best Production Design for the film, while Ludwig Göransson won for Best Original Score.

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In terms of any overt connection to the CIA, the film marked the return of Martin Freeman's Everett Ross. The CIA operative first appears in South Korea attempting to broker a deal with Ulysses Klaue for stolen vibranium, before playing a pivotal role in the film's climactic battle in Wakanda.

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