Marvel Confirms Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2 in Development

Marvel Studios unveiled a massive slate during its Hall H presentation at Comic-Con International in San Diego Saturday evening, though two notable franchises were missing from the slate shown -- Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

After each film managed to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office, it was safe to assume sequels were already on the way. In fact, Feige has previously teased Black Panther 2, stating that director Ryan Coogler has only recently sat down to begin writing the sequel. Still, the film was mysteriously missing from the Phase 4 announcement along with Captain Marvel 2. While Feige didn't have enough time to get into those projects -- as well as the X-Men and Fantastic Four reboots -- he did confirm sequels to both were in development.

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After an impressive slate announcement, Feige continued to hint at what was to come, including Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. He then continued, "I didn't even have time to talk about the Fantastic Four. I didn't even have time to talk about mutants." Feige then followed up his comments by bringing out Mahershala Ali and announcing Blade as the panel came to a close. It was undoubtedly a bit frustrating for fans of Black Panther and Captain Marvel, however, those projects were more than likely absent for a reason.

Back in November, Coogler teased what it's like to return for Black Panther 2, and how he's opting to focus on the work rather than letting the pressure of living up to the first film get to him. "Really try to go step by step and try to quiet everything else around us, really focus on trying to make something that has some type of meaning," he explained. It's safe to assume the reason Marvel didn't present any news about Black Panther 2 is that things are still early on in the process; Feige recently confirmed the ever-busy Coogler was just beginning to crack the story and would go over it with him (and Nate Moore) in the coming weeks.

As for Captain Marvel 2, it has yet to be revealed if directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will return to helm said sequel. However, given the film's massive success and their enthusiasm over the project, their return seems inevitable. Should they sign on for the sequel, news regarding their return should hopefully surface in the coming months.

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Up next for Marvel Studios will be next summer's Black Widow, which will hit theaters on May 1, 2020.

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