Marvel: 10 Things Only Real Fans Know About The Black Order

Thanos might have a god complex, but even he knows that one man can't do everything alone. When you've got your sights set on dominating the universe using the Infinity Stones, you're going to need a lot of help. To that end, Thanos formed the Black Order - a collective of murderers and vicious individuals from across the galaxy.

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The Black Order only briefly appeared in the MCU, with Ebony Maw generating the most buzz in Avengers: Infinity War. Today, we're going to share a few details about the Order's core members. If these guys ever show their ugly mugs in the Marvel Multiverse again, at least you'll be in the know.

10 Corvus Glaive Betrayed His Species To Join

Let's start with Corvus Glaive, the Black Order's de facto leader when Thanos is too busy elsewhere. Corvus' name doesn't just sound cool - it's what he's all about. Glaive is all but invulnerable as long as his eponymous weapon remains intact.

This unfair advantage allows him to kill countless foes without breaking a sweat, including his own people! To prove himself worthy of joining Thanos' army, Corvus betrayed his species and killed tons of civilians to put a smile on the Mad Titan's massive, purple face.

9 Ebony Maw Isn't As Loyal As His MCU Counterpart

Good old Squidward here is one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe, despite lacking any OP abilities. That's because he's a master of deception and trickery, giving individuals like Loki a run for their money! You never genuinely know whose side Ebony Maw is on - other than his own.

Case in point: the comic book version of Ebony Maw often attempts to backstab Thanos every chance he gets. The Mad Titan tolerates the Maw's antics because his mind makes him an invaluable asset, but we know that Thanos would happily replace Ebony Maw if he could.

8 Cull Obsidian Is The Group's Other Name

The big guy that accompanied Ebony Maw at the start of Infinity War was credited as Cull Obsidian in the film's credits. Most comic fans thought that was strange, since Cull Obsidian is an alternate name for the Black Order as a whole in the comics.

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On the flip side of the coin, Black Dwarf is the name of the Black Order's heavy. Black Dwarf is also Corvus Glaive's biological brother in the comics, making Proxima Midnight his sister-in-law. Kevin Feige and his crew probably switched the names around to avoid confusion.

7 Proxima Midnight Breaks The Laws Of Physics

Speaking of the Black Order's strongest warrior, let's talk about Proxima Midnight. That intro wasn't a bit of hyperbole, by the way - Thanos and everyone else in the Order consider her to be their fiercest fighter! Naturally, Proxima has a slew of impressive powers that include enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

However, she's also got an overpowered spear that defies the laws of physics. Otto Octavius and Adam Brashear spent hours trying to figure out how Midnight's weapon works. All they managed to do was give themselves massive headaches after discovering anti-photons - theoretical particles that shouldn't even exist!

6 Supergiant Is An Omnipath

If you're a technopath, you're one who's versed in technology. If you're a telepath, that means you're one who's versed in thoughts. If you're an omnipath like Supergiant... well, things get a bit sticky.

Supergiant isn't technically a woman who's versed in everything by default. However, she can read the minds of anyone and anything - even if they're aliens from other planets. Using her omnipathic powers, Supergiant can effectively learn anything that anyone else knows - giving her the potential to become all-knowing!

5 Black Swan And Doctor Doom Are Connected

Black Swan is another extremely powerful member of the Black Order, though her abilities aren't as weird as Supergiant. Yabbat Ummon Turru might sound like the name of an alien, but this girl simply comes from another version of Earth. So, no, she doesn't possess superpowers because she's from another planet - rather it's her connection to Rabum Alal.

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What, that name doesn't ring a bell? Well, how about Victor von Doom - aka Doctor Doom! Turns out that Alal is an alias that Doom takes on after attaining godlike powers in another world. Black Swan served Alal faithfully until she found her way into the Black Order's roster.

4 The Challenger Has Led The Team Before

The Grandmaster isn't the only ancient and super powerful being in the Marvel Universe who's obsessed with games. The Challenger also fits that bill, acting as a foil to the Grandmaster. Rather than have it out with each other, these two love to host games and place the fates of entire planets at stake.

Both beings assembled crews - with the Grandmaster summoning his Lethal Legion and the Challenger digging up the Black Order. Under his command, the Order fought the Legion on Earth. Oh, and Ebony Maw blew up the Avengers Mansion - just to make sure there wouldn't be any heroes around to spoil their fun.

3 Hela Has Also Led Them

Some of you probably don't know this, but Thanos and Hela have a thing in the comics. We guess Thanos figured that he'd go for the Norse Goddess of Death if he couldn't have Lady Death herself. Strangely enough, the two of them work quite well together.

When Thanos was dead, Hela quickly assumed command of the Black Order. Under her leadership, the Order scoured the Marvel Universe for a way to bring the Mad Titan back. They succeeded in the end, proving that Hela was cut out for the role.

2 Glaive Was Also The Leader (For A Time)

Corvus Glaive

As loyal as he was to Thanos in life, Corvus Glaive became disillusioned with the Mad Titan in death. When he got the chance, he broke off and created a new Black Order. Most of his old teammates came along, including Ebony Maw (who tried to usurp Glaive at every opportunity).

However, Glaive grew wise to Maw's schemes over the years and came prepared. Glaive managed to lead the new Black Order for a long time until Thanos came back to life, broke his weapon in half, and killed him!

1 The Order Isn't Thanos' First Kill Squad

We hesitate to call the Black Order a tightly-knit group, but they have become a formidable fighting force over the years. Even though they don't all love each other, you might get the sense that the Order's worked with Thanos for a long time - possibly even during his early years.

However, that's not the case: the Butcher Squad served as Thanos' loyal army early in his career. Incidentally, Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight were on this team as well. That's likely why Thanos entrusted them with so many responsibilities in the Black Order.

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