Black Mirror Streams Into Your Subconscious With Ad For Netflix Vista

It's not real ... yet. Give it time, though, and soon you could have streaming services straight into your cerebral cortex. No information is currently available on data usage or monthly rates for this freaky new service.

For its latest promo, "Black Mirror" goes deep down the meta rabbit hole with an ad for Netflix Vista, a neural-implant version of the popular streaming service that allows viewers to watch their favorite shows wherever they are, with no device to assist them.

If you've seen any episodes of the sci-fi anthology series, you know that if this service did actually exist, it would come with a severe price. The show uses today's technology to tell stories that exist just outside of the world we live in. The majority of episodes skew the popular modern narrative and remind viewers not to get too comfortable with their time-wasting activities. Sometimes what we consume will consume us.

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"Black Mirror" creator Charlie Booker has technology trust issues: The series, which originally aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4, has found unusual and unsettling ways to show audiences that worshiping at the alter of technology and media might not be the best idea. After seven episodes airing only on British television, Netflix picked up the cult classic and commissioned 12 new episodes. Six of those, along with the original six episodes and a holiday special, can be viewed on Netflix now.

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