Black Mirror Season 5 May Include an 'Interactive' Episode

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As if there weren’t already enough twists in a typical Black Mirror episode, the anthology series’ upcoming fifth season is rumored to include an interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure-style installment.

Netflix is said to be developing several programs, both in episodic television and film, that will allow viewers to choose how pivotal moments play out and affect storylines, according to Bloomberg. The first of these interactive episodes is expected to be included in the fifth season of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series Black Mirror, which is rumored to debut this December.

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Netflix has already experimented with similar technology in its children’s programming. The Shrek spinoff Puss in Book allowed the viewer to make several choices for the titular Puss in Boots, including whether he visited Sinbad or Snow White, and whether Goldilocks’ three bears were friendly or antagonistic.

The interactive episode of Black Mirror is said to be “more complex” than Puss in Book, and will be the first live-action program for the streamer to include a choose-your-own-adventure element.

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Created by Charlie Brooker, the fifth season of Black Mirror is expected to be available on Netflix sometime in December 2018.

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