Black Mirror Creator Isn't Sure How to Get Bandersnatch's Secret Ending


Black Mirror creator Charlie Booker doesn't know for sure how to find the post-credits scene for Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch is the first film from the Black Mirror franchise and written by Booker, is structured as a choose-your-own-adventure narrative. Audiences guide a young video game programmer as he tries to create a video game while losing touch with reality. There are multiple scenes, paths and endings for viewers to discover. But even Booker doesn't know how to find every scene in the film.

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While trying to detail how to find the scene, Booker told The Wrap, “yeah, that is — I believe that is triggered by — so, if you have the ending where he’s on the train that will show you the end credits. And I’m not quite sure — we’re trying to remember ourselves. I think that is triggered by — it’s counting how many endings you’ve seen and how many paths you’ve gone down."

“So I think it’s either that you get it straight after the train or, if you haven’t yet done it, it will trigger if you’ve seen like four or five endings, I think. I think,” he added. “There’s some bit of arcane kind of stuff it’s working out there.”

Finally conceding defeat, Booker admitted, “That’s a good example of how complicated the whole thing got — that I can’t tell you how to trigger it.”

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Directed by David Slade, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch stars Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter and Asim Chaudhry. It is available to stream now on Netflix.

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