Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: Guide To Get The Secret Ending


If you are one of the few people who have yet to navigate the maze that is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, then just close this window and go watch it right now. If, like the rest of us, you’ve spent so much time with Bandersnatch, you might be stuck in a loop wondering if this thing will ever actually end. Many viewers claim to have had run-throughs lasting longer than two hours as choices caused the story to continuously fold back on itself, funneling the viewer down new paths. As it turns out, some of these resets are vital to unlocking other endings.

Once you’ve encountered most of the possible main endings, a TV appears on the screen and the typical Black Mirror credits roll. There is, however, one ending that requires multiple folds back through the story in order to achieve. It’s considered the secret ending, but it’s really an extension of the ending known as “The Train” ending. What secrets lay beyond? Follow this guide to see for yourself.

If you would like to find the ending the hard way, below you will find the series of choices you will have to make in order to see the ending for yourself. Be warned that if you choose to manually go through the choices in Netflix, you’re in for a bit of a haul. This is not a short route, and you’ll have to watch every scene and wait for your turn. Be sure to start from a clean beginning and don’t be too hasty or wait too long making choices. If you make any errors, you’ll have to keep playing until you get a “forced credits” ending in order to reset all of your choices.

17. Sugar puffs

It’s 8:30 on July 9, 1984, and Stefan has just gotten out of bed. Flipping through the pages of his favorite book Bandersnatch, he's preparing to pitch his game of the same name to TuckerSoft. Just after explaining the format of the book, Stefan’s dad gets him to make our first choice of cereal. Choose “Sugar Puffs.”

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16. Thompson Twins

After finishing breakfast, Stefan hops on the bus to the TuckerSoft offices and pulls out two cassette tapes. Choose “Thompson Twins" and listen to “Hold Me Now” while the bus passes graffiti with the White Bear glyph and the phrase “no future.”

15. Accept, Accept, Refuse


Stefan arrives at TuckerSoft’s brand new office and gets the low-down on everything up-and-coming. He shakes hands with Colin Ritman and nerds out while Colin demos his latest game. After his pitch, choose “Accept” and get sent back and choose “Accept” again. This will force you to back a second time. This time around, though, choose “Refuse.”

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14. Yes, No

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

After returning home, Stefan explains the arrangement to his father who pretends to understand. Later, at Dr. Haynes' office, Stefan explains the recent events to his psychologist and laments his frustrations with his father. When Dr. Haynes offers to review memories of his mother, choose “Yes” and we get a dream sequence of young Stefan looking for his rabbit. Selecting “No” is the only choice.

13. The Bermuda Triangle

After leaving the office, Stefan goes to the local music store to pick out music from Colin’s list. Choose “The Bermuda Triangle.” Stefan purchases the record and a book on Jerome F. Davies, which he reads on the bus home.

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12. Shout At Dad

Stefan becomes obsessed with building Bandersnatch and works long days to get it done. On August 20th, Stefan’s dad interrupts and offers to take him out to the pub for lunch. Choose “Shout at Dad”; they argue and Stefan’s dad takes him anyway.

11. Visit Dr. Haynes, Take Pills, Follow Colin

Stefan falls asleep in the car. Upon waking, he finds he’s been tricked and taken to Dr. Haynes office again. After they argue (again), choose “Visit Dr. Haynes.” Stefan opens up about feelings of being out of control. Then, choose “Pull Earlobe” and Stefan will refuse. Dr. Haynes will then send Stefan home with a high dose of drugs. Once home, choose “Take them.” Afterward, you’ll be sent back to make another choice. Then, choose “Follow Colin.”

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10. Yes, Stefan, Go back, Colin


Stefan will follow Colin back to his apartment, who offers to help. Once in his apartment, Colin will offer Stefan LSD. Choose “Yes.” They then go on a drug trip where Colin convinces Stefan that reality doesn’t matter because of multiple parallel universes. They then talk about which one of them should jump off the balcony. Choose “Stefan,” which will force you back. Choose “Go Back,” then choose “Colin,” and Colin will jump.

9. Flush Them, Hit Desk, Pick Up Book, PAC

After Colin jumps, Stefan will wake up back in his dad’s car who forces him to see Dr. Haynes. She gives him pills again. This time, choose “Flush them.”

Three weeks go by and Stefan’s game isn’t ready, which leads him begging for the weekend. Stefan heads home and resumes work, which continues to prove frustrating. Choose “Hit Desk" so Stefan will freak out and take a break. Then, choose “Pick up book" where Stefan will enter a dream sequence and go to open the safe in his dad’s office. Once there, choose code “PAC.”

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8. Throw Tea Over Computer, P.A.C.S., 20541

Stefan continues to have glitches, which makes him angry. Choose “Throw tea over computer” and Stefan will then demand a sign; choose “P.A.C.S.". Stefan’s dad will confront him, they argue, and Stefan kills his father before calling his doctor. Enter code “20541” and Stefan will confess everything where the film ends.

7. Who’s There?, Netflix, Try To explain, Tell Him More

Stefan is caught and the game ends. Choose “Who’s there?” which sends you through a replay and back to him asking for a sign. Choose “Netflix,” then “Try to explain,” then “Tell him more.” Stefan’s dad will interrupt and bring him to Dr. Haynes.

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6. Fight Her, Kick Him, Who’s There? The Glyph

Dr. Haynes questions Stefan’s thoughts, thinking it’s boring for entertainment. Choose “F—k yeah,” then “Fight her,” then “Kick him in the balls,” which will send you back. Choose “Who’s there” then “The glyph.”

5. Back Off, Kill Dad, Bury Body

Fionn Whitehead plays Stefan, programmer creating a mid-'80s adventure game in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

This is where things get really repetitive. After showing Stefan the glyph, he confronts his dad again. Choose “Back off" — this will then send you back and give you the option again. Once back around, choose “Kill Dad” then “Bury body.”

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4. Yes, He jumped, Chop Or bury?, Chop Up Body, Destroy Computer

The phone rings and Thakur asks if Stefan will finish the game today. Choose “Yes.” Since Colin jumped previously, Kitty will go to Stefan’s house and ask about Colin. Choose “He jumped” and Stefan will attempt to explain what happened. The neighbor’s dog will dig up Stefan’s dad and will send you back. Choose “Chop or Bury.” This will mysteriously bring Colin back, then choose to “Chop up body.” This gives the "Pearl Ending," but this is not where our adventure ends... Choose “Destroy computer.”

3. Pick Up Photo, White Bear Symbol, Chop Up Body, Destroy Computer

This part of our journey will explore the path that leads to the “Train Ending.” After you make Pearl destroy her computer, you will be sent back to choose “Pick up photo” and experience the dream that lets you see that Stefan’s dad took the rabbit all those years ago. From there, you’ll have to make the “White Bear symbol, Chop up body, Destroy computer” choice to get the Pearl Ending again that will allow you to then go back and move the rabbit.

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2. Get Rabbit From Dad, PAX, White Bear Symbol, Chop Up Body, Destroy Computer

You’re in the homestretch now! Upon being sent back to get the rabbit from your dad, you’ll have to enter the wrong code in the safe first. Choose “PAX,” then repeat the “White Bear symbol, Chop up body, Destroy computer” choice tree to be sent back on your final trip.

1. Get Rabbit From Dad, TOY, Yes

There is only one thing left to do: Chose to get the rabbit from dad, but this time enter the code “TOY.” This will alter the timeline and kill Stefan before the events of Bandersnatch and end the game for good.

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