Black Lightning Just Dropped Another Major Kobra Tease


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain," the latest episode of Black Lightning.

Black Lightning just dropped another major Kobra tease. In "The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain," the latest episode, Thunder wounded Tobias Whale's right-hand assassin Syonide. A close-up of her wound revealed a scaly hide lurking underneath her flesh, indicating that she may not be wholly human.

In both the comics and the show, Syonide is an assassin who worked with Tobias Whale. However, the comic book version of the character is also a member of Strike Force Kobra -- and, considering this reveal, the show's version may be as well.

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DC Comics' Strike Force Kobra was made up of supervillains, including Lady Eve. This team was birthed from the Kobra Cult, which has a penchant for metahuman research and recruitment. If that sounds familiar, it's because this episode of Black Lightning made it clear that this is also the goal of the ASA.

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"You created greenlight," Whale realized during a clandestine meeting with Martin Proctor, a leader at the ASA. "The use, I saw, has super strength, high pain tolerance, no flight instinct. And if that doesn't say marine..."

Proctor didn't disagree and charged Whale with finding Black Lightning, the only known person to survive the first round of the ASA's experiments. "I need him for research purposes before all of my subjects die and the experiment fails," he explained. "So bring him to me alive."

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At this time, ASA has a goal that's similar to what Kobra wants, with one key difference: the ASA wants marines, where Kobra wants supervillains. However, though Proctor didn't correct Whale, it's possible he was lying through omission and that the ASA is just a cover for Kobra. It's also possible that ASA is an organization that will become Kobra or is an affiliate of Kobra. Syonide's secret certainly seems to indicate that there is something strange lurking just beneath the surface of the ASA and Whale's whole operation.

Airing Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW, Black Lightning stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, China Anne McClain as his younger daughter Jennifer Pierce, Nafessa Williams as his older daughter Anissa Pierce, Christine Adams as Lynn Pierce, James Remar as Peter Gambi, Damon Gupton as Henderson, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale and Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi.

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