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Packed with dark and savage action from the worlds of Warhammer. Hellbrandt Grimm is on the trail of his latest bounty and discovers an isolated town's horrifying secret. Princeps Hekate battles mind, body and soul against the minions of Chaos, with Imperius Dictatio itself as the prize. Malus Darkblade is finally hailed as hero of Hag Graef, but will he survive long enough to enjoy it? Deadly power politics in the continuation of Darkblade III: Throne of Blood. All this, a terrifying tale of the Ten-Tailed Cat and much more.

40pg b&w $2.95

Inside the stunning metallic Bloodquest cover of this celebratory double-sized issue: Kal Jerico is reunited with his original creative team in glorious full-colour! Book III of the acclaimed Bloodquest commences, courtesy of Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd) and Colin MacNeil (Chopper). Dan Abnett (Legion Worlds) and Clint Langley (Slaine) spin us a tale of darkness and deceit in Darkblade. Have Ulli & Marquand had their last laugh? Gordon Rennie and Paul Jeacock (Slaine) reveal all. There's also the return of the one and only Redeemer in Blood & Circuses courtesy of Debbie Gallagher and Wayne Reynolds (Slaine). Double-crosses and double-dealing abound when Mitchel Scanlon and Anthony Williams (Deadpool) bring us a tale of Hellbrandt Grimm. And Imperius Dictatio faces the fight of its life as Dan Abnett and the Sharp Brothers (Ultimate Warrior) pit it against an all too familiar foe. Order this issue and see for yourself why Warhammer Monthly is the world's premier science fiction and fantasy comic book anthology.

68pg b&w/col $5.95

A bolt-blasting collection of the finest Space Marine adventures from the pages of Warhammer Monthly and Inferno! From infested hulks to fields of death to endless battlegrounds, mankind's finest defenders struggle with the vilest alien foes, laying down their very lives in order that humanity may emerge triumphant. Includes the high-octane action of Ravenwing and more strips from formidable creative talent such as Dan Abnett (Legion Worlds), Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd), Logan Lubera (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Oz), Kev Hopgood (Iron Man) and many more.

84pg b&w $10.95

This classic adventure written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Colin MacNeil is back in print with a new edition to coincide with the start of Bloodquest Book III in Warhammer Monthly #50. Bloodquest is the epic saga of Captain Leonatos. Exiled from the Blood Angels, he and his loyal battle brother quest for the lost Blade Encarmine, so that they can redeem themselves and return to their Chapter.

84pg b&w $10.95

Re-offered to coincide with the start of Bloodquest Book III in Warhammer Monthly #50. Book II of the breathtaking Bloodquest continues the epic saga of Captain Leonatos and his dispossessed battle-brothers in their search for the sacred Blade Encarmine, the lost sword of Belarius. Lost deep within the nightmare void of the Eye of Terror and cast down upon the Daemon World of Eidolon, the Space Marines must survive the battlefields and citadels of the warped Chaos Powers if they are ever to recover both the sword and their honour. Written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd) and illustrated by Colin MacNeil (Chopper), Bloodquest II is among Warhammer Monthly's most popular strips ever!

108pg b&w $10.95

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