'Black Forest' trailer debuts 1/1/04 at Image Comics

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 31 December, 2003 -- As part of the media promotion of their March 2004 release of the graphic novel THE BLACK FOREST, Image Comics will debut an online trailer on January 1.

THE BLACK FOREST is an epic horror adventure set amongst the turbulence of World War I, replete with classic monsters. Kurt Busiek has called it "bold, powerful, and fun" while FANGORIA editor Tony Timpone labels the book a "rip-snortin' horror adventure." Comic veteran Neil Vokes is inking his own pencils in a fabulous visual style that is already drawing raves. Writers Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell have based the book on their original screenplay.

Livingston and Tinnell, drawing on their experience as working filmmakers, created the trailer, which runs 35 seconds. "As gorgeous as Neil's artwork is, and as confident and sure as we are of our writing, we recognize that comic fans have limited resources. To attract them – what's more, to attract retailers to our book – meant we had to build awareness. And the trailer seemed a natural way to do that."

Tinnell and Livingston scripted the trailer. Then Tinnell teamed up with editor/computer graphics designer Roy Baker to edit the piece. "Our goal for the trailer was three-fold: to squeeze in as much of Neil's art as possible, to give the essence of the story and to convey the sense of fun the book embodies."

Once the trailer was edited, Livingston took over in Los Angeles, drafting composer Andy Kubiszewski, who had just created the music for Livingston's film SO, YOU'VE DOWNLOADED A DEMON. "Not only is Andy a rock star, having played with Stabbing Westward, Crowded House, Nine Inch Nails and The The, but he also sits in with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Cleveland Orchestra. You partner up all that experience with his love of darker material and it was obvious THE BLACK FOREST was right up his alley."

Vokes raised his head from the drawing table long enough to comment, "I'm thrilled with the trailer. To be honest, I had no idea what the guys were going to do. But when I saw it I knew they'd nailed the sensibility of the book. And it's a hoot to watch"

The promotional efforts on the part of THE BLACK FOREST team will not stop with the trailer. They are currently in post-production on a documentary that chronicles the making of the book.

The trailer will appear at www.imagecomics.com, as well as at the creators' site, www.theblackforest.net.

THE BLACK FOREST is available for order in the January 2004 issue of Previews and will go on sale in March.

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