"Black Forest" team reunites for the "Wicked West" this October from Image Comics

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 8 JULY, 2004 --Image Comics is pleased to announce the October release of THE WICKED WEST -- the new graphic novel written by Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell, with art by Neil Vokes. The trio are the creators of THE BLACK FOREST, an original graphic novel released by Image this past April.

In THE WICKED WEST, Cotton Coleridge is a man on the run from his past. His attempts to settle in a small Texas frontier town are destroyed when the town comes under assault from vampires. And soon he finds himself fighting off hordes of the Undead.

Asked to describe the project co-writer Todd Livingston says, "Imagine the Outlaw Josey Wales riding into Salem's Lot. That's a pretty accurate take on the basic story – though there's a lot more to it than that!"

"If you loved THE BLACK FOREST you'll love THE WICKED WEST," says Livingston, "And Neil's work is going to be every bit as jaw-dropping here as it was in TBF – in fact, I'd say it's even moreso."

Amid strong critical reviews, THE BLACK FOREST sold out in just a few weeks and is now going into second printing. Randy Lander of thefourthrail.com called it "…a ripping yarn, mixing pulp adventure and spooky horror in equal measure…" while Glenn Walker of Comic Widows pronounce the book "brilliant."

ReelArt Studios recently announced a line of busts based on the book's characters.

"Our goal with THE WICKED WEST," said co-writer Robert Tinnell, "is a continuation of our efforts on THE BLACK FOREST. Namely, to deliver a quality book for a reasonable price."

To prove the point, THE WICKED WEST will be 96 pages, in color, for only $9.95.

"As successful as THE BLACK FOREST was, we still feel we have to earn the respect of the fans. That's why we're willing to take a chance with such a low cover price."

THE WICKED WEST wiill be available for order in the August issue of PREVIEWS and will go on sale this October.

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