Gerard Way and Shelly Bond Talk Black Crown, Possible Collaboration

IDW Publishing's Black Crown imprint has officially arrived, as of last week's release of Kid Lobotomy #1, which was declared "as weird and wonderful as you might expect" in CBR's review.

Black Crown looks to keep the momentum going this week with the release of the first Black Crown Quarterly, an anthology featuring contributions from the likes of Rob Davis, Cathi Unsworth, Philip Bond and Frank Quitely, interviews with creators and previews of Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler's Kid Lobotomy and Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez's Assassinistas.

PREVIEW: Black Crown Quarterly #1: Fall 2017

To commemorate the first issue of the quarterly, Black Crown editor Shelly Bond caught up with DC Comics' Young Animal curator Gerard Way for an interview filmed by IDW, and CBR has the first look. Bond worked with Way on the formative days of Young Animal, before her departure from DC Comics. Based on this video, it looks like they'll be working together again in the near future -- Bond asks Way to contribute to the quarterly's "Hey, Amateur!' feature that explains "how to do anything in nine panels," and the musician and Doom Patrol writer agrees.


"Can I hold you to it?" Bond asks. "Yes, you can, it's on video now," Way answers.

Black Crown Quarterly #1 is on sale this Wednesday, Oct. 25, from IDW Publishing.

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