Good news for Black Coat fans everywhere! Ape Entertainment is pleased to announce the up-coming release of the 52-page Black Coat Special! The Special will contain two unique, self-contained stories that shed some light on the history of Colonial New York's masked hero.

The first story, "Heart of Ice", is written by Black Coat co-creator Ben Lichius and features art by the incredible Gabriel Hardman (War Machine, X-Men and Spider Man 3 films). The Black Coat ventures into the untamed New York wilderness to do battle with the legendary Chenoo â€" a man-eating beast from the North. As he prepares for a fight with the unknown, The Black Coat finds allies in unexpected places and enemies that are too close for comfort.

The second story, entitled "First Blood," is reprinted from its initial appearance in issue #2 of "Comics Now" magazine. Written and drawn by Ben Lichius, it follows The Black Coat, Josiah Morgan, and his wife Ursula, as they defend the city from a mysterious new threat â€" dragons! "First Blood" features the first color (yes, color!) Black Coat story to date!

Black Coat fans have been patiently awaiting the continuation of the second series, "...Or Give Me Death" since last Spring. "We're still working on it," said Lichius. "It's not dead. We appreciate everyone sticking with us and we'll put out more information as we have it. As soon as we get the chance, we'll get the rest of the series out there."

"In the meantime we hope everyone enjoys these new stories," continued Lichius. "They're full of all the swashbuckling, action, and adventure you've come to expect from The Black Coat and should be a lot of fun!"

The Black Coat 52-page special is available for preorder now (Diamond Code: MAY3590) and will be in stores this July. The book will retail for $6.95.

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