10 Weakest Characters In Black Clover

In the world of Black Clover, your strength can literally decide how the people around you perceive your worth to society. In the Clover Kingdom, a person’s social status is believed to determine the amount of magic power one could (or should) possess, and as such is how people are acknowledged to have value.

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So being weak is pretty awful, as an experience. Still, everyone can’t punch out the bad guys, so here are ten of the weakest characters in Black Clover. It’s “ranked,” though it’s ranked backward, so the person at the top can be recognized for being the weakest character in the show.

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We don’t actually see very much of Xerx, the vice-captain of the Purple Orcas. We know he’s capable of manipulating ice powers with his grimoire, but that’s about it. He runs into Zora Ideale of the Black Bulls after he’s found harassing an older woman, which results in Zora getting into his face about it.

Despite Xerx being a vice-captain, he battles Zora and gets washed so quick we don’t even see the fight, just him knocked out against a wall. Now despite Zora knowing how to use his magic, he’s actually not all that powerful...and typically relies on having advanced knowledge of a battlefield to snatch victory. Xerx being unable to overcome him despite his standing is an indictment on his power.


Noelle’s older brother, Solid is one of the reasons Noelle’s early life is such a hassle. Alongside his older sister Nebra, he does his best to mock Noelle for her inability to control her magic powers, making her life a complete mess. But the truth is we rarely ever see him do very much on his own, always working alongside his family.

When we finally do witness him in a battle against Noelle, it turns out to be a pretty one-sided beatdown, with him losing in a single shot. This turned out to be a case of the dog’s bark being bigger than his bite.


The overprotective Sol is one of the members of the Blue Rose Squadron. She loves her Captain and hates men because of how useless they’ve proven in her life, which is...completely fair given her origins. Sol actually isn’t very weak at all, but she’s on here because most of the other characters on the show have proven themselves in a way she hasn’t.

Other characters have been able to walk away with a win when it really counted, but Sol and her Earth golem magic has only led her to a single victory during the Royal Knights Exam before she was soundly defeated in the second round.


Rades seems like a pretty dangerous mage when he first shows up in the attack on Clover Kingdom’s capital city. He can infuse his mana into corpses and manipulate them with his power, which aside from sounding rather creepy, seems like it’d be a terrifying power to bring into battle.

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But he’s really only able to do the damage he does to Asta (who has zero magic) because of the hostages around. When he faces off against Fuegoleon, someone with some actual power, he’s easily defeated. Later, he faces off against the weaker half of the Black Bulls’ members and still can’t beat them even with help. He evolves his magic after that, but without seeing the limits of his powers since then, he still belongs on this list.


As likable as Magna is, it’s hard not to place him on this list. He has a rivalry with Luck, one of the stronger members of the team, but we’ve seen time and again that Luck is the superior fighter in their duels, and he only keeps Magna as a rival because he’s willing to fight whenever Luck wishes.

Magna acknowledges that his own magic power isn’t as great as someone like Luck’s and he doesn’t have the brute strength of Asta, so he’s forced to gain a greater level of control than anyone else. Though this helps him out, ultimately he’s one of the Magic Knights left unchosen by the Royal Knights squadron.


These two belong together as members of the Diamond Kingdom’s Eight Shining Generals. Supposedly, they’re a group which is capable of rivaling the powers of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knight Captains, and they attack a weaker part of Clover Kingdom one day with the intent of claiming some of their lands.

This goes poorly, however, when they’re confronted by members of both the Golden Dawn and the Black Bulls. Despite believing their abilities to be on par with the Magic Knight Captains, one of them is defeated easily by Yuno, the newest recruit of the Golden Dawn. If his captain hadn’t shown up as well, it looked as if Yuno could have taken them both. Some Generals.


A lot of jokes are made at the expense of the Black Bulls because they frequently come in the last place among the Magic Knight organizations. But to be fair, many of them aren’t terribly strong. Take Grey, for instance. She spends several arcs walking around as this giant behemoth of a man who doesn’t speak, and no one knows what she can do.

Eventually, it’s revealed that her power allows her to transform into anything she wishes. While that’s a useful power that could win a lot of fights, Grey spends so much time shying away from literally everything that she’s pretty much only useful when she can work with her teammates.


Finral grew up never wanting to harm anyone. An admirable goal, but in a country where the royals are expected to join the military and defend the country, not one that’s appreciated by his parents.

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As a result, he gives up his standing as the head of his family, allowing his younger brother to take that position instead. Finral doesn’t even get into a lot of fights for most of Black Clover, and the ones he’s pulled into all involve him working alongside his teammates. The one fight he has on his own against his brother, Langris, leaves him not only defeated but nearly killed in combat.


This is kind of a bummer if we think about it. Zora Ideale was the first commoner in the Clover Kingdom to join up with the Magic Knights. He was a member of the Purple Orca, and like his son was able to use trap magic to fight against his enemies. Zora tries to get into the Magic Knights multiple times before actually succeeding.

Though we don’t know if he was kept out because of his status as a peasant or because he was actually strong, he does admit he wasn’t terribly powerful. In the end, he was taken out by some of his own while his guard was down.


The King of Bah-ha himself is definitely the weakest character in all of Black Clover. When we first see him he’s bragging about his abilities while going up against Asta, believing he can beat some commoner thanks to his status as a royal. He’s promptly defeated in a single hit and quickly forgotten, at least, until we later see him recruited to the Green Mantis Squad...as basically Jack the Ripper’s gofer.

Sekke's every appearance involves him running from combat or hiding behind someone else doing the actual work. His weird laugh (Bah-ha!) and inflated ego should make him annoying, but his ineptitude makes him surprisingly affable.

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