10 Hilarious Black Clover Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Black Clover is a shounen-adventure series that has taken the anime community by storm this past year. Making its pitch to stand beside Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia as the new generation Big Three, Black Clover is currently still airing alongside this fall 2019 season.

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The anime follows Asta and Yuno, two foster brothers who want to become the Wizard King. In the world everyone receives a Grimoire which tells what type of magic the owner can use. Yuno receives a four-leaf clover Grimoire meaning he is much stronger than the average mage. Asta is magicless, but that doesn’t stop him from his quest to become the Wizard King.

10 Manga Vs. Anime Vs. Netflix Adaptation

Kicking off the list is a two-part meme. If you’re watching Black Clover with Japanese voice acting then you’ll notice one thing about Asta very quickly. His excessive screaming. The “Big Enough” meme fits perfectly with this. Big Enough is a song by Kirin J. Callinan. The song features a cowboy singing very loudly in the sky holding a long note. This fits perfectly for Asta’s screaming. Netflix has also been known for its poor reputation of anime adaptations. The adaptations change their characters look so much that it takes away from the show. The same can be said about the difference between the singing cowboy and Black Clover’s Asta.

9 Power Of Positivity

Asta doesn’t nearly mess up as much as he’s done good. However, the sword-wielder has quite the positive look when he does. Known for being torn into whenever he does the smallest thing wrong, especially by Noelle, Asta just shrugs it off like it means nothing to him.

This positive quality is quite admirable for Asta, but also a little sad that no one stands up for him. Since Black Clover is a fiction anime, it make for some hilarious moments in the show.

8 Asta’s One True Pairing

Every hetero-romance anime has a war for who is best girl, and Black Clover has its fair share of wifus. This meme looks at what fans imagine Studio Pierrot are imagining for Asta’s pairing.

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Given Asta’s interest in the show to Sister Lily, its fair to say that the Asta x Yuno pairing has gone out the window much like the employee suggesting the idea in this meme. While Noelle and Sister Lily are the two options considered in this meme, let’s not forget about Black Clover’s real best girl, Mimosa.

7 A Powerless Power

Asta is known for being magicless, but instead of this being a downside, it’s often the solution to solving most his problems. Because he can use anti-magic and negate any magic attack using his anti-magic swords, Asta can counter almost any attack. Even though we see some form of anti-magic every episode from Asta, he lets us all know at some point during the episode. Alright Asta, we get it, you’re a protagonist. As if we couldn’t tell from you’re oddly colored hair anyways

6 Salt Bae

Throwing it back to 2017, Salt Bae took the internet by storm showing us the popular way to salt food. Black Clover took interest in this meme as this photo isn’t the only instance, we’ve seen the salt bae style used in the show.

Chef Nusret Gokce is credited for the salt bae meme when he uploaded a video to Instagram of him salting steak. As stated, this seems like the primary way to sprinkle things in Black Clover, as many of the chefs use this technique.

5 Food Is A Sacred Treasure

Black Clover’s token glutton, Charmy Pappitson, loves food. The only thing she might possibly love more than food is Yuno, but that’s a conversation for another list. What do you and this Charmy meme both have in common?

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The annoying sibling that tries to steal your food. Or maybe you are the one that tries to steal food from your Charmy-like sibling. For us that don’t have siblings, we’ll be eating food from the sidelines watching the sibling rivalry fights.

4 A Powerless Power…Again

Just like how Asta states every episode that he doesn’t have any magic power, it makes the list twice! This is a more relative meme featuring Magna questioning Asta’s logic, as he usually does. However, Asta might be on to something. High level math may require a magic power or some other supernatural power to do. It’s not his strong suit, but at least he can swing around a heavy metal sword. It’s brawn over brain for Asta which is probably more useful than trying to remember the quadratic formula.

3 Black Clover Academia

Shounen anime gets a bad reputation for reusing some of the same themes and traits across shows. Unlike an isekai anime, the shows usually venture after a certain point in there own direction. When Black Clover originally started airing, viewers of the series who hadn’t read the manga thought that Black Clover would follow the same direction as My Hero Academia.

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Like Deku, Asta is also powerless to a certain point. In My Hero Academia, Deku is passed down One For All, In Black Clover, Asta realises he has anti-magic. If you’re looking for a reason to continue Black Clover, you should. It takes quite a few episodes to get into, but the character personalities and action-packed fight scenes will keep you hooked. Speaking of fight scenes…

2 Captain Yami Gets Serious

Captain Yami is the squad leader of the Black Bulls, the magic knight group Black Clover focuses around. Yami’s character is mundane to outsiders of the series, but he is anything but that. He just needs a good fight to get in the mood. Nothing like some battle to fire him up. While not necessarily in a battle in the lower right panel, anytime he is planning on inflicting physical violence onto Asta is enough to get a reaction out of him. Poor Asta, hope you recover soon.

1 Asta’s Height

This meme features Black Clover's two protagonists, Asta and Yuno. Except, Asta got the “short” end of the stick. Throughout the anime, Asta is made fun of for his height as he stands just over 5’0 tall. However, Yuno stands at 5’6. Keeping in mind that both boys are 15-years-old at the start of the series and this is more a case of Yuno just being tall than Asta being short. At one point in the series Yuno jokes with Asta saying he made a girl run away by how short he is.

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