Black Clover: Asta's Best Fights

For a guy with zero magical ability, Asta sure winds up in a lot of fights, even for an anime character. It’s to be expected when you’re the main character though, especially when you’re a loudmouthed guy who just can’t help standing up for people in need and defending those who can’t defend themselves.

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Over 100+ episodes of Black Clover, Asta has faced off against some of the toughest people both inside and outside of the Magic Knights, and more often than not walked away with the victory. For this list, we’re taking a look at ten of the Black Clover protagonist’s best fights, win, lose...or draw.


After the Midnight Sun enact their plan and take over the bodies of all the gifted mages in the Clover Kingdom, things look pretty bleak for Clover’s Magic Knights. Fortunately, Asta’s friend Yuno remains in full control of himself, and even seems more powerful than before, which is helpful considering their situation.

The two of them run into a pair of elves while trying to escape, but easily manage to crush them thanks to Asta’s anti-magic form and Yuno’ recent power-up. This isn’t a terribly long fight, but it does go a long way towards showing the growth of two of the most important characters in the series.


Not everyone gets to have a training montage before they fight their next bad guy. Sometimes people have to learn on the job. That’s what happened with Asta when he and the other Black Bulls went up against the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

After seeing Yami fight it out with Licht, leader of the Midnight Sun, Asta managed to get some advice on how to detect “ki”--the living energy in all creatures.  After an amazing sequence of dodging Valtos' warp-based attacks, Asta took advantage of his own speed and newfound ability to detect ki to land one of the cleanest punches in anime.


The Eye of the Midnight Sun got up to a lot of creepy behavior early on, including stealing magic from a bunch of commoner kids, but their kidnapping went noticed by one of Asta’s friends. The resulting fight involved Asta, his teammate Gauche, and the nun responsible for watching Gauche’s sister Marie, Theresa.

Sally’s strange powers happened to work perfectly counter to Asta and Gauche’s abilities, and it was only thanks to the intervention of Theresa, and Gauche finally believing in his teammates, that they were able to win the day.


Asta’s first true test in the series came against Mars, a member of the Diamond Kingdom’s army, and one of their Eight Shining Generals. Mars had the ability to channel two different magics—crystal magic and flame magic, and had given Asta’s partners quite a bit of trouble before he arrived.

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This wasn’t an easy victory by any means though, and even though Asta gained a new weapon in a sword which could absorb rather than cancel magic, he still wasn’t able to win on his own. Instead, he inspired Yuno to reach a new level with his familiar Bell, saving them all.


One of the most memorable scenes in Black Clover comes after the matchup between Finral and his younger brother Langris. A simple family dispute turned dangerous when Langris unleashed all his pent-up rage for taking the responsibility his brother couldn’t have, and nearly got Finral killed...until the other members of the Bulls showed up and nearly killed Langris.

Moving directly into a match between Asta’s team and Langris, Langris found himself easily dispatched by the power of Asta’s newly acquired form. This one was a pyrrhic victory though, as both Asta and Langris’ crystals were destroyed at once, disqualifying them both.


During the Royal Knight Exams, Asta and his team were forced to go up against the boisterous Magna and his partners Sol and Kirsch. Outmatched in terms of pure magic power and offensive, Asta and the team were forced to work together after Asta purposely erased all of Xerx’s traps.

This forced the team to get creative, leading to them simply outsmarting Kirsch and the others and winning through superior teamwork and taking advantage of the flaws of their opponents.


When the elves began taking over the minds of many of the Magic Knights, the Black Bulls lost one of their own like everyone else. Magna and Vanessa would find Luck was under the control of Rufel, and just narrowly manage to survive battling against him, even after he powered up.

Fortunately, Asta shows up at the last moment to protect them both. What follows is a pretty even match between Asta and Rufel, until Rufel uses his superior speed to dominate. But once again, the teamwork shown by the Black Bulls and their connection to Luck results in a clean victory.


The second member of the Third Eye confronted Asta while he had just managed to recover from what the first one had done to him. She arrived with an army in the Witches Forest in search of a magic stone, and winds up fighting Asta, who owes a debt to the Queen of Witches for healing him.

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This time Asta came face to face with one of the great magical spirits, the flame spirit Salamander. Though Asta isn’t able to win this battle alone—and needs the help of both Noelle mastering a water dragon spell and Mars to reawaken Fana’s memory—ultimately it’s his Bull Thrust technique that destroys Salamander, and his anti-magic powers that protect Mars long enough to save Fana’s life.


Every shonen hero eventually has an opponent who, for whatever reason, they can’t overcome with their normal abilities. Whether it’s because of exhaustion or because the enemy is simply too powerful, it requires them to do something new. It requires them...to change.

Asta’s first transformation happens in the Witch’s Forest versus Ladros, a magic-stealing mage who becomes so powerful he easily defeats everyone from Mars and Noelle to Fanzell and Asta himself. It’s only when Asta is able to tap directly into the anti-magic of his grimoire that he’s able to fight back, resulting in a one-sided, embarrassing defeat for Ladros.


This is the best fight for Asta in the series by a long shot. Vetto was a member of the Third Eye, a group of mages who were all meant to be stronger than a Magic Knight Captain. His specialty was transforming into a monstrous form, and he tore through the mages of the Underwater Temple and several members of the Black Bulls until Asta, Finral, and Vanessa got there.

But even these three would have been wiped out if not for their impeccable teamwork, helping Asta to fight even when his body wasn’t even working anymore. Though it was Yami who finally took Vetto down, this was only possible because Asta and his team never gave up.

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