Black Cat is coming to "The Amazing Spider-Man" universe with a thirst for power. Via the official "The Amazing Spider-Man" video game site, Activision has revealed Felicia Hardy (AKA Black Cat) as the newest villain clashing with Spider-Man in the upcoming game based on Marc Webb's "Spider-Man" reboot.

Characterized as "a stunning, deadly thief who thirsts for power comparable to Spider-Man's," The "Amazing Spider-Man" version of the Black Cat is known only as Felicia Hardy: popular cheerleader, respected athlete and straight-A student with a dark family secret -- her family's fortune was earned during her father's career as a cat burglar. After her father disappeared "under mysterious circumstances," Felicia chose to follow in his footsteps and become a cat burglar.

Felicia Hardy is the most recent in a number of villains revealed for "The Amazing Spider-Man" game including the Rhino and a reimagined version of the Iguana. The game has already been revealed to include an open world reminiscent of "Spider-Man 2" and a new mechanic known as Web Rush, which allows players to more fully get into the acrobatics of Spider-Man. Furthermore, players will have a chance to take control of Marvel legend Stan Lee during the course of the game.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on Activision's "The Amazing Spider-Man" video game.

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