Black Canary's Disturbing Body Switch With Her Own Mother

In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all!

Our story begins back in "Justice League of America" #74, when Black Canary's husband is killed during a crossover of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America (the JSA are much older than the JLA). A depressed Black Canary decides that she wants to travel back to Earth-1 with the rest of the Justice League, as there is too much pain behind for her on Earth-2.

She begins a relationship with Green Arrow. However, the problem was that on Earth-1, people tended to age in traditional sliding scale aging, where no one REALLY ages all that much, but on Earth-2, all of their ages were locked into stone, so after a while, Black Canary should have been MUCH older than Green Arrow, which really didn't work.

The typical scenario in something like this is to just do an age-reversion story, like Nick Fury's Infinity Formula or a magic spell or some such nonsense.

Instead, they went with a much weirder solution.

In a JSA/JLA crossover in "Justice League of America" #220 (by Roy Thomas, Chuck Patton and Romeo Tanghal), the heroes are fighting against an evil version of Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, and while in the dimension that the Thunderbolt comes from, Black Canary sees her dead husband and herself somehow!

We soon learn that Canary and her husband had had a daughter, but she was cursed with a sonic cry and so she was banished to another dimension (and then the memory of their daughter was wiped from their minds)...

Then the big twist. Said daughter kept aging in the other dimension until she was an adult, which happened to be the same time that Black Canary tried to come to Earth-1, but instead, they decided to put her mind into her daughter's body!!

Okay, first off - wow, what a weird thing to do. Secondly, and perhaps the weirdest thing about this, is that Canary kept her memories of her past life in her daughter's body, so her daughter has memories of her father, but as her husband and lover! So she has memories of having sex with her own dad! That's super weird. The whole thing is weird, but that stands out as especially weird. Plus, boy, Superman sure played fast and loose with some major ethical decisions here, didn't he?

Anyhow, in the end, everyone was happy...

Now that she knew she was basically her own daughter, Black Canary tried to come up with her own identity (via a new costume), but it was pretty dumb-looking. Then "Crisis on Infinite Earths" happened, and the new Black Canary origin was the much simpler "The daughter took over as Black Canary from her mother, who was also Black Canary" origin, an origin that was sadly wiped during the New 52's bizarre "No legacy heroes...for some reason!" reboot. Hopefully, Rebirth will fix all of this.

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