Black Bolt Won't Speak At All on Marvel's Inhumans

When Marvel's Inhumans arrives next month in IMAX theaters and on ABC, don't expect Black Bolt to utter a word.

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Played by Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels), the king of the Inhumans has a voice that can destroy worlds, so it's no wonder he'll keep his mouth shut for the run of the series.

“When we first sat down and started talking about the role, we said, very point blank, ‘You have no dialogue, and you will never have dialogue,” Jeph Loeb, Marvel's head of television, told journalists during the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. “It’s not as though there’s a point where there’s going to be a secret operation. You’re going to have to find a way to communicate with your hands and your eyes and another way.”

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Will the lack of speech be a problem for an actor like Mount? “I never thought I’d get to face an acting challenge like this again. Jeph knew exactly how to reel me in." he said recently. "He talked about helping me find linguists. Turns out the linguistic community wasn’t able to help, so I had a signing consultant. It was a lot more straightforward than I anticipated.”

The first two episode of Inhumans will premiere Sept. 1 in IMAX theaters, followed by their broadcast debut Friday, Sept. 29, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The drama stars Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad, Serinda Swan as Queen Medusa, Ken Leung as Karnak, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Mike Moh as Triton and Sonya Balmores as Auran.

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