DC Reveals First Look at Black Adam: Year of the Villain

DC Comics has unveiled a first look preview at Black Adam: Year of the Villain #1, writer Paul Jenkins and artist Inaki Miranda's upcoming one-shot starring Shazam's arch-nemesis.

Black Adam: Year of the Villain #1 spins out of the events of Batman/Superman. Per its solicitation text, the comic follows none other than The Shazam Who Laughs (that is, Shazam infected by the Batman Who Laughs) as he invades Black Adam's kingdom. Black Adam must fight back against this twisted version of the former Captain Marvel, whose goal is overthrow the kingdom and turn it into a playground for its new prospective ruler, Billy Batson.

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The preview pages released by DC do not exactly paint a pretty picture for Black Adam. While he's certainly putting up a fight, it looks as though The Shazam Who Laughs may have his number. The infected Shazam can be seen standing over a beaten Black Adam, before being fired upon by the latter's military forces. Naturally, this doesn't affect him. However, it does buy Black Adam time to get his licks in. Even then, however, he is quickly cut back down to size. In other words, he may be in for the fight of his life.

Written by Paul Jenkins and Illustrated by Inaki Miranda, Black Adam: Year of the Villain #1 goes on sale Oct. 23 from DC Comics. Klaus Johnson and John Romita Jr.'s cover, as well as the full (unlettered) preview pages, can be found below.

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