Black Adam Movie Producer On What to Expect from the Character

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia gave some updates on and insights into Dwayne Johnson's long-anticipated DC film, including whether the film will focus on the character as a villain, hero -- or something else.

"You're going to meet a character who's going through a journey," Garcia said of Johnson's character in an interview with ComicBook.com. "He was created as a villain. And through the love of the fans and through some great writers and storytellers, he evolved into an antihero. The antihero is a character that we always loved and that we responded to.

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"But we understand that there's been many aspects to Black Adam through him," he continued. "But ultimately this is a guy who, he does have a moral compass, as skewed as it may be. And ultimately he is a guy that everything has always been driven by his family and what happens to them and he is never opposed to unleashing hell when you cross him. So, I think when you add in those elements of that DNA, those are things we're very aware of."

As a comic book fan Garcia seems to have his heart set on these elements of Black Adam's character from the source material making their way into the New Line/Warner bros. film. "Those are things that we love about him because he's complicated. He's not just justice for all. And he's not just a villain. This is a guy who's complex, who's had many things happen to him and that all shows in his actions... He will find himself, but where it goes, you guys will have to find out."

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"I had all these comic books back in the day," Garcia explained elsewhere in the interview. "I read them all and for us we have been... I'm very happy with how this story has been crafted. We've worked very closely with our writers on this and I think the fans are really going to dig what we've got planned."

As far as the production on Black Adam itself goes, Garcia said, "We have a great script. We have a great director [Jaume Collet-Serra] now. We are going into polishes and tweaks, but we are thrilled with the story we've had, with the world we're creating, the studio's thrilled, our partners are thrilled." Currently, however, a start date and release date for Black Adam remain up in the air.

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