Black Adam Deserves Better Than Suicide Squad 2

Black Adam shouldn't be a part of Suicide Squad 2. If he’s going to feature in another movie first, pit him against someone who can hit him with earth-shattering force. It should have the potential to be an incredible spectacle. It would be better to introduce Black Adam in his own solo film, because he has such a rich comic book history there's plenty for the film makers to choose from when crafting an origin story. We've already seen that if done well, an origin movie can work brilliantly. Wonder Woman is still making headlines because of the profit it's made. Last year, Deadpool proved that telling a heroic origin story doesn't have to follow the stereotypical narrative. Even though he was popular with comic book fans, Deadpool wasn't a household name but managed to be incredibly successful. If there's any DC character that deserves that kind of rise to prominence, it's Black Adam.

For his New 52 origin story, he was an Egyptian slave that decided to change his own destiny by killing the chosen successor to the power of the six Gods. He wanted revenge on those that would enslave millions of others, and rose up against oppression. Ironically, he did become a violent ruler himself, but he always had the best interests of the Kahndaqi people at heart. One way to ensure Black Adam's film to stand out from the rest, is to retrofit the plot into a specific genre, similar to how Wonder Woman was a war film. Make Teth-Adam's solo outing into a grand swords and sandals 'Epic', similar to Ben-Hur, Gladiator or even 300. A superhero epic that lets Black Adam unleash his powers could be visually fantastic as well as pushing the genre into new territory that hasn't really been explored yet. We got a glimpse of ancient Egypt during X-Men: Apocalypse, but the less we say about that, the better.

Obviously it would make sense for him to be included in the Shazam solo film, but since Geoff Johns has already stated that he’s not going to appear alongside Billy Batson, we give you another option: The Man of Steel sequel. We’ve already seen what Supes can do in a beat-down with a powerful foe -- it pushes him to his very limits. But how would he cope against a villain that has his own country? That could add a whole other political layer into the Superman story. How does Superman beat a villain that legally has diplomatic immunity? And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson duke it out head-to-head in a fist fight. After all, the stars behind the two titans shared a drink together last year, teasing the future of the DC world. It' not difficult to picture Cavill v Johnson in a super powered beatdown. It could take a few years for the Man of Steel sequel to be put in production, but plans for Black Adam have swirled since the early 2000s -- we can wait a little longer for him to make his debut.

Keep Black Adam away from Suicide Squad 2, and give him the time to demand our attention.

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