Bizarro Boy Am Going to Arrive in DC Universe in 2018

Like the other members of the DC Trinity, Superman has a dark counterpart: Bizarro, the backwards speaking strong guy. Now, Superman's son Jon Kent will get a dark counterpart of his own in Bizarro Boy.

Bizarro has been a Superman staple for decades and, now that Jon Kent is an active player in the Man of Steel's adventures, it was only a matter of time before we got a little Bizarro for him as well. On Twitter, artist Patrick Gleason -- who draws the main Superman comic with writer Peter J. Tomasi -- revealed a sketch of the newly minted Bizarro Boy.

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True to his name, Bizarro Boy indeed looks like a twisted version of the Boy of Steel, from the clothing patterns right down to the hairstyle. In current Rebirth continuity, Bizarro is a second clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor after the original clone died fighting the Crime Syndicate years prior. If the looks on their faces are any indication, Superboy and Bizarro Boy are going to have some uncomfortable feelings about each other.

Bizarro Boy will debut in the DC Comics Universe sometime in early 2018.

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