Merch With A Mouth: The 15 Most Bizarre Deadpool Collectibles

The easiest way to gauge how popular a character is is to see how much merchandise they have. If you can sport Wonder Woman's logo on every single item of your clothing, you know she's still got mass appeal. If you can deck your entire car out with more Bat-themed items than the actual Batmobile, you can safely assume that the Dark Knight is still bringing in the big bucks for DC. And, if your whole bedroom can be wall-to-wall Wolverine themed, then you can rest assured that his legacy is alive and well.

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Though Deadpool has long been a fan favorite for comic book nerds, his popularity has surged in recent years, boosted by a fantastic -- and high-grossing -- movie adaptation. Suitably, we now live in a world in which his black and red face is plastered across an ever-growing collection of collectibles and merchandise. Some of them are pretty standard -- t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc., -- but others are like the character himself: a little out there. Not only can you wear or drink out of the Merc With A Mouth's face, you can also make music with it, store your money in it, even cook with it. Here are some items of officially licensed Deadpool merchandise so weird that ...well, Wade would probably own it all.


Bookends themselves are not weird things to own. Actually, for comic book readers, they absolutely make sense as viable merchandise. After all, despite the digital revolution in how we read, fans are probably always going to want to keep their shelves heaving with limited edition hardcovers, omnibuses and art books. Bookends that reference the very content they keep from falling onto the floor isn't a completely insane idea.

However, it doesn't counter-balance the weirdness of seeing the Deadpool logo on something like this. This is far from "standard" merchandise -- it's the result of a character becoming so absurdly popular that their logo is thought to make anything sell. It's also worth mentioning that with a current retail price of $59.99, these aren't exactly cheap either.


Ah, the classic pairing of Deadpool and an electric guitar. Is there a more iconic duo? They're like Batman and his Batarangs; Scott Summers and his ruby shades, or the Punisher and... just about any gun. Deadpool is never seen without a guitar, right? Well, no. It's not a classic combo at all, just another example of a popular comic book character's face turning up on objects you'd never expect it to.

Of course, as weird as it is, there is at least one instance of 'Pool rocking out with the instrument. He plays a pretty slick looking white one on the cover of Original Sin #30, so while it's not completely unprecedented, it's still an odd pairing. Although it does also make an excellent accessory for musical Deadpool cosplayers.


As a figurine, there's nothing strange about this piece of merchandise at all. In fact, it's pretty cool, with its classic Deadpool pose -- arms crossed against the chest toting two guns and katana hilts poking up on either side of his shoulders -- and well-crafted to boot. It would make a great little addition to any Marvel fan's collection. But, the fact that it's also a piggy bank qualifies it as weird.

Pig-shaped piggy banks sporting Deadpool's colors already exist and make a lot more sense. Piggy banks are supposed to come in the shape of their namesake, after all. But this one is strangely trying to disguise itself. Also, where on earth is the slot? The top of the head? The base of the neck? Somewhere unmentionable? There's just no logical place for it... but this being Deadpool, it's probably the last one. *shudder*


This is a rare example of a piece of merchandise being weird in a good way. Obviously, a backpack is not an odd place to see your favorite superhero. These days, amid the "Golden Age" of superhero movies, comic book culture is more popular than ever. That means it's no unusual thing to see Marvel and DC characters adorning all sorts of wearables in just about any store.

The thing that tips this particular Deadpool backpack into the realm of strangeness though is the "hidden quote." It's a design feature that places a little word bubble inside the front pocket, supposedly coming from the mouth of the backpack itself -- which is one giant, fabric Deadpool head. Conceptually, it's a surreal twist on an ordinary item -- but also a pretty neat one.


Umbrellas are generally a strange place to express your love for a particular thing. After all, you're just holding it skywards to keep the rain off of your noggin so that you don't show up to work looking like a drowned rat. There isn't going to be much attention paid to whether or not your canopy of dryness is covered in Spider-Man or the Avengers while everyone is busy dodging raindrops.

That being said, some nerds relish any opportunity to broadcast their nerdy pleasures to the world (and why not?) For those people, this odd umbrella might be the kind of wacky item that's ideal for expressing their 'Pool love on the go. It also has the added bonus of sporting two designs thanks to it's "liquid reactive" technology. Rain changes the black and white chibi Deadpools to red and black -- just like magic (or science, whatever)!


Deadpool and an electric guitar? That doesn't make much sense. Deadpool and chimichangas? Now, that's more like it. This playset from the uber-popular Pop! Vinyl range of pop culture figures isn't merely a Deadpool figure. It comes with his very own chimichanga truck too! Obviously, given the character's affiliation with the food item, it's not out of place to put the two together in merchandise. However, it's still a pretty strange and unique idea for a playset in general.

Comic fans will know that Deadpool's relationship with chimichangas is a bit more complicated than the movie adaptation insinuated. In Cable and Deadpool #13, he reveals that he just enjoys saying the word more than actually eating them -- choosing an enchilada when he stops for a snack in the story. Knowing this, Wade probably wouldn't endorse this peculiar playset.


Yaaar, me hearties! Looking like a crazy cosplay mash-up idea waiting to happen, this Pop! Vinyl pirate variant is probably going to be a bizarre sight to movie fans. Comic book fans, however, might recognize that the figure's costume is most likely referencing Deadpool #14, in which writer Daniel Crystal sent Deadpool on an unlikely adventure on the high seas.

Wade's piratical turn also made an appearance in the Marvel Heroes video game as an alternate skin for the character. "Once Deadpool came to realize he was extraordinarily wealthy," the description for the costume reads, "he did what any person would do. He became a pirate." Of course! Now it all makes sense. Even knowing the context, though, this little piece of merch is still an odd sight to behold.


The idea of a Deadpool umbrella is a little weird on its own, but the fact that there are so many different designs to choose from is even stranger -- not to mention a bit excessive. Having said that, the design of this one is pretty creative. The handle and cover are in the shape of a bottle -- "Deadpool's Chimichanga Sauce." Chimichanga sauce? Is that just sauce to accompany a chimichanga?

Or is it a liquified, whole chimichanga? Knowing Wade's sense of humor -- and strange tastes -- probably the latter. The design covering the actual umbrella looks like a scene from a Looney Tunes cartoon. Chef Deadpool serves the Mexican meal to Hungry Customer Deadpool, who is blissfully unaware that his lunch comes with an added kick -- a stick of dynamite. Very strange.


This Deadpool shower cap figure from Pop! Vinyl is just one of the many, many, variant Deadpool designs produced by the figure company but it's certainly the strangest and funniest of the collection. You can definitely picture Wade donning something as silly as a shower cap (even over his costume) and -- considering his unicorn fetish -- something as cute as a rubber duck also suits him pretty well.

Of course, our eyes have been burned before by the image of Wade taking a shower in a few comic storylines, which were typically weird moments on their own -- let alone being immortalized in 3D. Speaking of unicorns, one of the other stranger variant designs from the Pop! Vinyl range features Deadpool in a sheriff's hat clutching a little unicorn hobby horse. Weird but also adorable.


Labbits are the brainchild of Frank Kozik, founder of figure company Kidrobot who are famous for creating rabbit-shaped collectibles sporting different characters and brands from pop culture. The story behind the name goes that one of Kozik's designs, "Smokin' Rabbit," had its name misprinted by a Japanese manufacturer as "Smorkin' Labbit," a mistake that Kozik found amusing enough to adopt as the figure's official title.

This 7" vinyl Labbit version transforms Deadpool into one of his strangest looking variant forms yet. The weirdest part of its design is the fact that the ammunition for the Labbit Deadpool's rifle is stored in his butt. Actually, considering this is Deadpool we're talking about, maybe it's not that weird at all. In fact, he probably kind of enjoys it.


This pen and pencil holder from Gentle Giant Studios has to take the top prize for the grossest piece of official Deadpool merch out there. Thanks to his healing factor, Wade is a little, shall we say, "mortality challenged." In other words, just like Wolverine, he's damn difficult to kill or even permanently injure. This means that this strange little desk accessory is actually canonically possible.

You can almost hear Wade's inevitable snide comments or weird noises of satisfaction as you push a pen right into his brain. This would also probably serve as a pretty vindictive torture idea for his many, many enemies -- as well as a few allies. Despite all this, it's still just a really strange thing to have on your desk.


Of course! Why wouldn't you want to eat Deadpool's head made out of jell-o? While this might actually make a genius addition to a kid's superhero theme party (and earn you major "cool points" with said kids), it's still, well, a little freaky. Having said that, the details in the mold are impressive.

You can make out Wade's facial features quite clearly -- the one-eyed squint is one of his trademark expressions -- and you can even see the lines of his mask around the eyes, too. But, you know what else you can see? His exposed, mutated skin at the top of his head. Why did the manufacturers think that would be appetizing? This one gets double points for being weird and disgusting.


Remember Plasma lamps? Well, apparently Marvel does, and they really want you to keep buying them if this Deadpool-themed one is anything to go by. It's not that plasma lamps don't have their charms -- most of us probably had in one in our childhood bedrooms, and some kids probably still do judging by the existence of this thing.

The question (again) with merch like this is always... Why? What made the designers think that Deadpool and plasma lamps were a match made in heaven? This isn't even the only one, either -- there's a "ball" version too. The description insists that "this light is the perfect addition to any Marvel fan's home!" If you're an obsessive than, yes, maybe. But, it's still just plain weird.


As a dedicated Deadpool fan, you might consider getting a little something for your car to express your love for Wade. Maybe a little vinyl sticker? Maybe an air freshener? You just want something subtle to add a bit of your own personality to your boring vehicle. Or, you can throw subtlety out of the window entirely and deck your entire car out in Deadpool swag.

Yes, that's right -- there's enough Deadpool-themed car merch for you to accessorize the whole thing, inside and out. Graphics, steering wheel covers, seat coverings, sunshades, and even customized seat belts. If you wanted, his face could be plastered across every inch of your car like a Deadpoolmobile. Individually, they're not so odd, but combined, this mega merch-combo seems insanely excessive.


Here it is. The Holy Grail of bizarre Deadpool merchandise. To be honest, any superhero would look completely out of place on a kitchen utensil besides a mug or glass. You could possibly get away with a set of Wolverine claw-shaped knives -- though that might just recklessly encourage kids to play with them. Or how about, for fans of the Richard Donner Superman movies, maybe a Lois Lane-themed orange juicer?

Admittedly, Deadpool does have a fondness for pancakes, so you could just about argue there's a tangential link. But, it's very tangential. Ultimately, any way you look at this 3-pack spatula set, it's weird existence just isn't justifiable beyond the obvious shameless, cash-grab incentive. And, at $36.99, that's a fairly big cash-grab, too. Save your hard-earned money for Deadpool comic books, instead.

Do you own any strange or unusual pieces of Deadpool merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

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