Legendary Pictures Acquires Film Rights to Image Comics' Bitter Root

Legendary Comics has acquired the rights to Bitter Root, promising to bring the smash hit comic series to the big screen.

Deadline reports that series creators David F. Walker, Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown will executive produce the film, alongside Big Machine Productions Executive Producer Sean Owolo. The film will presumably enter pre-production to coincide with the immediate success of the original comic series.

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Bitter Root centers around a family living in the Harlem Renaissance in 1920s New York City. The Sangeryes family has been combating supernatural threats for ages, trying to cure the people who have been corrupted by these malicious forces. However, after a massive tragedy leaves most of the family dead, the last remaining Sangeryes cousins face the moral dilemma of becoming more lethal if they want any chance of stopping the invading forces targeting NYC.

The Harlem-set story was first conceived of by Greene and Brown, who wanted to meld voodoo magic, Jazz music, noir-inspired tropes and African-American culture of the time. The fifth issue of Bitter Root is currently available in comic shops and digitally.

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