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[Maximum Force]Max Carnage, Sharky, Blitz The Manic Mandrill, BobCat, and Preying Mantis. Five Heroes. Five Heroes forged in the fires of science, magic and legend. Five Heroes brought together on a single mission. Five Heroes willing to fight for what they believe in. Five Heroes who are still trying to come to an agreement about what they believe in. Five Heroes who in the meantime will play pool and drink six pack after six pack.

Maximum Force is about how a lonely eclectic group of super powered beings manage to survive as a family unit without killing each other. Their internal dynamics are just as important as the external ones.

"The title was inspired as a parody of much of what comics have been about," said Elliott. "Hyper-hyped, overly caricatured, superheroes, but not taken seriously. When I created Maximum Force, I had just written a story for Simon Bisley called Max Carnage and wanted to use the character again. I decided to put him in a team setting and talked to Simon about it. He wanted to draw this also and showed me a bunch of character designs for some ideas he had been working on. They were great and I asked him could I use them in the story and he said yes. The beauty of working with Simon is that he doesn't let anything constrain his ideas. He comes up with amazing characters like Blitz the Manic Mandrill or Preying Mantis and forces you to come up with who these guys are and what their origins are."

[Maximum Force]Maximum Force is set in NY. Their headquarters is part of an old derelict pool hall. Their leader is Max Carnage. He is the one who saw in the others their potential to be something better than they were. Something even they couldn't see. Only problem for them is that they have to constantly listen to old war stories. Some like to listen, some don't. Max is the father figure and the others are either the rebellious or loving sons.

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Elliott wanted to play with relationships of a bunch of misfits who are feeling the growing pains of coming together as the first family most of them have ever known. "I want to use comedy in a way comics never would," Elliott told us. "This is a world where our rules and the rules of Tom & Jerry cartoons exist side by side. The best and most effective use of drama and horror is where the audience laughs first, then you shock them or make them feel guilty for doing so."Maximum Force is referred to by its creators as an entry level comic to the industry for people who haven't read a comic for a long time are enticed to pick one up after watching the Cartoon Network.

MAXIMUM FORCE Special on sale July 2002.

Written by Dave Elliott

Art by Simon Bisley

Colors by Lovern Kindzierski

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