Report: Birds of Prey Movie to Include Black Canary, Huntress & Cassandra Cain

Black Canary and Harley Quinn in Injustice 2

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn may have a lot of company in Warner Bros.' planned Birds of Prey movie.

According to TheWrap, the fan-favorite antiheroine will be joined by fellow DC comics characters Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya in what Robbie pitched to the studio as "an R-rated girl gang film." Cathy Yan is attached to direct from a script by Christina Hodson, who also wrote Batgirl.

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Introduced in 1995, the Birds of Prey originated as a partnership between classic DC comics hero Black Canary and Oracle, the code name used at the time by Barbara Gordon (aka) Batgirl, but the team's ranks have expanded over the years. They were frequently joined by Huntress, but the lineup has also included at various times Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Hawkgirl and Power Girl, but those are only for starters.

Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya have never been part of the Birds of Prey in the comics (nor, for that matter, has Harley Quinn). Renee is a Gotham City Police detective who, for a time, assumed the costumed identity of The Question, while Cassandra is a vigilante and assassin who has assumed the role of Batgirl and, more recently, Orphan.

Birds of Prey is reportedly a priority for Warner Bros. and DC Films, potentially leading to a production delay for the Suicide Squad sequel.

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