Comic Legends: Did JLU Almost Feature the Birds of Prey?

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A classic episode of Justice League Unlimited was originally about the Birds of Prey.



Episode six of the second season of Justice League Unlimited was a classic episode called "Double Date," which featured Green Arrow and Black Canary and Huntress and Question where the first couple tried to protect a mob boss in federal custody from the second couple and, along the way, each couple got...more involved...

However, originally, the episode was going to still feature Black Canary and Huntress, but in a special one-off episode that would recreate the Birds of Prey!

Here are the Birds of Prey by DC animated legend, Bruce Timm...

The gist of the episode was that Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) would be injured and unable to follow through on a case due to Batman telling her she had to sit out due to her injury. So she would then create a brand-new identity, Oracle, and contact Huntress and Black Canary to work as her operatives in completing her mission without revealing who she really was.

It sounded like a really clever way of working the Birds of Prey concept into the DC animated universe without actually doing the whole "Barbara Gordon gets paralyzed" angle. However, there was an embargo on Bat-universe characters (outside of Batman) at the time, so the story was not allowed. So the story was re-written into "Double Date."

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