Birds of Prey Director Confirms Film Targeting an R Rating

Back in May, actress Margot Robbie revealed that she'd envisioned her upcoming "girl gang film," Birds of Prey, as an R-rated feature. Now, it appears the film's director has confirmed the film will, indeed, be aiming to secure an R rating.

While at the US-China Entertainment Summit at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles this evening, Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan briefly discussed her upcoming DC film, not only teasing the theme of female empowerment, but also the film's mature rating. Yan, who is set to be the first female Asian director to ever helm a superhero film, won't begin filming until 2019, however, she's already well into the pre-production process and has assured fans she has done her homework.

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Explaining how she went on to land the gig, Yan explained that she took time to thoroughly do her research before going in to meet with Warner Bros. regarding the project. "I did my homework," she explained. "I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was relatively painless and straightforward. I immediately loved the script and it felt like something I could really do, and it felt very much like my own voice."

That script, of course, was written by Christina Hodson, who was also brought on to pen Batgirl for the studio. While Yan couldn't reveal too much concerning the project, she did confirm that the script featured plenty of dark humor, which, perhaps, explains the reasoning for the R-rating, which Yan confirmed while on stage at the summit, according to Deadline.

Of course, the film's R rating should not come entirely as a surprise. After all, Robbie confirmed that the film she had pitched to Warner Bros. and DC had always been envision as an R-rated feature. "I pitched the idea of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, because I was like, ‘Harley needs friends,'" the actress said a few months back.

Of course, things could change over the course of production and the film could end up earning a different rating once the MPAA actually has its say. For the time being, however, Birds of Prey is looking to be an R-rated female empowerment flick.

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Directed by Cathy Yan from a script by Christina Hodson, Birds of Prey stars Margot Robbie, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rosie Perez. It is scheduled to be released on Feb. 7, 2020.

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