RUMOR: Birds of Prey Will Include Barbara Gordon... But Not Batgirl

The DC Extended Universe's take on a Birds of Prey film has taken an intriguing turn if new rumors are to be believed, as they suggest Batgirl, who was recently hinted at as a key player in the movie, won't be in it after all... sort of.

The rumors do suggest that while Batgirl won't be involved, Barbara Gordon -- her civilian persona -- will be, as the studio pushes forth for yet another ensemble outing in the wake of Justice League.

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Recently, rumors suggested Huntress was being lined up to join the roster for the upcoming flick, as well as Black Canary. Fans took well to this, as it would have shaped a team very much similar to the original roster from the comic book source material. In the comics, after Barbara put down her Batgirl mantle and became Oracle (thanks to The Joker’s vicious paralyzing attack in The Killing Joke), she and Black Canary, aka Dinah Lance, originally formed the team in 1995.

These rumors suggest Barbara could well indeed be taking on the role of Oracle, teasing the script would be in the wake of Joker's attack, while also leaving things up in the air as to how it'll tie into her solo flick. While further information remains scarce, it's also confirmed that Margot Robbie will reprise her role as Harley Quinn in what's being touted as a diverse story.

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Previous rumors had Catwoman being linked to the team, although they too were debunked, while Penguin, said to be a villain in Matt Reeves’ Batman solo film, is also tapped to appear.

The movie, directed by Cathy Yan, has been fast-tracked by Warner Bros. and is expected to begin filming in January.

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