'Birds of Prey' artist Ed Benes signs exclusive with DC

Official Press Release

Rising star Ed Benes, the acclaimed penciller of a series of sold-out issues of SUPERGIRL, as well as THUNDERCATS: THE RETURN, GEN13, and CODENAME: KNOCKOUT, has signed a two-year exclusive with DC Comics. Benes is the new BIRDS OF PREY penciller beginning with issue #56.

"I'm very excited about this new stage of my life and career, and I'll give DC my best," says Benes. "It's a blast doing BIRDS OF PREY! Gail is a great writer, and I owe a great deal to Lysa Hawkins, my editor. Many thanks to DC for trusting my work, and even more, for all the respect you treat your artists with!"

"Ed Benes has been a real talent for WildStorm, VERTIGO and the DCU," says Dan DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial. "He brought renewed energy to SUPERGIRL, and based on the work he's doing, we expect him to help bring BIRDS OF PREY to the next level. We're very happy to have him on board."

Benes's run as penciller of BIRDS OF PREY begins with issue #56 (APR030154), written by Gail Simone with inks by Alex Lei. This issue is solicited in the April issue of Previews (Volume XIII #4) and is scheduled to be in stores on June 18.

Some of Benes's recent work on SUPERGIRL is collected in the SUPERGIRL: MANY HAPPY RETURNS TP (MAY030167). This item is solicited in the May issue of Previews (Volume XIII #5) and is scheduled to be in stores on July 9.

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