"Bionic Woman's" Wagner Says Modern Female Superheroes Lack "Feminine Wisdom"

Lindsay Wagner, who rose to fame in the '70s as the star of "The Bionic Woman," recently had some tough words for the modern movie and film industry's approach to female superheroes while appearing on a panel at the 2016 Television Critics Association.

Though Wagner is generally pleased by Hollywood's increased interest in female protagonists, as seen by their increased profiles on television series like "Supergirl," "Jessica Jones" and the various DC Comics-based CW shows, she did express her concern that "today's female superhero looks like yesterday's male heroes in some tights, and maybe a push-up bra."

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"It's great that women are now allowed to be heroes. But I am also concerned when I see that a lot of the modern day ideas of a female superhero are just yesterday's male hero in some tights," Lindsay added. "The whole point of having a woman in a leadership position of any kind is to hopefully bring the feminine aspect of wisdom and intelligence to whatever they're attempting to do. Hopefully we get used to technology so we don't have to be mesmerized by it and get back to story. We talked a lot about that on 'Bionic [Woman]' and we were constantly pushing ourselves. I'm hoping we start to grow now."

Via The Wrap, TV Insider

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