Binky Brown Meets the Blogosphere: Underground comix pioneer Justin Green's new website

Great catch by Jeet Heer of Comics Comics: Underground comics legend Justin Green has launched a blog, with three comics up so far and counting. Green is credited with more or less inventing the autobiographical comic -- a staple of alternative comics ever since -- with Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary, his exceptionally and hilariously frank 1972 comic chronicling his adolescent battles with sexuality, Catholicism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I first saw his work back in the '90s, when his Justin Green's Musical Legends strips graced the pages of Tower Records' late, lamented Pulse! magazine. (You might also know him as cartoonist Carol Tyler's on-again, off-again husband from her own autobiographical comic series, You'll Never Know.) Whatever he's selling on this thing, I'm buying.

(via our own Chris Mautner)

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