Billy Tucci Visited By FBI Over Death Threats

The FBI visited the home of Shi creator Billy Tucci to notify him of death threats made to himself and his family on Twitter.

Tucci highlighted the severity of such actions, although he does not go into details of what the threats were or what they were in reference to. Regardless, knowing the FBI needed to be involved suggests the matter is being taken very seriously, and he thanked his followers and fans for their concern and well wishes to him and his family.

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Billy Tucci rose to prominence in the 1990s with his creator-owned series Shi published through his company Crusade Fine Arts, Ltd. Shi was a popular series both in sales and with critics, with the comic not only selling millions of copies , but also crossing over with a number of popular characters from different comic book companies such as Marvel, Top Cow and Dynamite.

Tucci also completed work for Marvel and DC, with his heavily researched miniseries Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion in 2008 receiving critical praise and recognition, specifically from the military community. Along with his consistent contributions to mainstream comics, he also produced Billy Tucci’s A Child is Born in 2011, a graphic novella adapting the Christmas nativity story according to the Gospels of Matthew, Luke as well as the research of specialized scholars.

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