Billionaire Boys Club: "The Dark Knight" Tops The Charts Again

How repetitive: the number one movie for last weekend once again features a man dressed up as a flying rodent.  "Pineapple Express?"  Pshaw.  "Traveling Pants" sequel?  Nuh uh.  Another $26 million happens to have found its way into the coffers of Warner Brothers, making a grand total of $441,541,000 domestically and $704,641,000 worldwide.  

More perspective?  The former number one comic book adaptation and Superhero themed movie was "Spider-Man" with $403,706,375 domestically.  Go on and look at the number for "The Dark Knight" again.  Yeah.  More than $35 million more.  In four weeks.  The web slinger was in theatres from May 3rd, 2002 to August 18th.  Admittedly, ticket prices are way higher than they were at the time, but still ...

The biggest news of all is that Christopher Nolan is, for the first time in decades, breathing down George Lucas' neck.  The all time domestic gross rankings show the 1977 classic "Star Wars" at just shy of $461 million ... which is about twenty million higher than the current "Dark Knight" tally.  That could happen within a week or so.  Sure, the $600 million from "Titanic" seems safe ... but who knows?  Who knows, indeed?

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