Bill Willingham and Rick Mays take over 'Robin'

Official Press Release

Beginning in December, Eisner-Award nominated writer Bill Willingham, best-known for the hit VERTIGO series FABLES and the Comico series Elementals, will take over as writer on ROBIN. Willingham is joined by acclaimed penciller Rick Mays (ZATANNA: EVERYDAY MAGIC). The team will begin its run on the series with issue #121.

"I'm delighted to be writing one of the few comic book icons that nearly every man woman and child on Earth can name," says Willingham. "But I'm a bit surprised that DC let me write Robin, considering I recently killed the only robin character in FABLES. I'll try to keep this one alive for an issue or two."

"Bill brings a new level of excitement and energy to ROBIN," says Dan DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial. "We're confident he will set the tone for this book for years to come."

For an early look at Willingham's take on the world of Batman, pick up BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #168 (APR030144). This stand-alone story features art by Tom Fowler and a painted cover by Phil Hale, and is scheduled to be in stores on June 11. It is available now for advance reorder.

ROBIN #121 is scheduled to be in stores in December and will be solicited in the October issue of Previews (Volume XIII #10).

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