Bill Sienkiewicz Paints Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Variants

Legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz will help Rick, Michonne and the rest of the crew celebrate fifteen years of survival with a series of character portrait covers.

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Sienkiewicz's artwork will be available as variant covers throughout 2018, beginning with Issue #175. This also happens to be the first chapter of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s latest mega arc, "New World Order."

According to Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment, the arc will feature “all new friends, all new enemies, all new threats.” Kirkman spoke with CBR about the arc in late 2017, citing at what’s in store from the “real game changer” of a storyline.


“They’re going to be getting to the Ohio colony that Eugene has been talking to on the radio for like 25 issues or so — it’s been a fairly long-running subplot,” Kirman told CBR. “Things are going to be drastically different. It’s a group of people living in an a pocket of civilization that is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and will change the status quo of the book. It’s really going to ramp things up and move things into an exciting direction.”

“New World Order” debuts in The Walking Dead #175, scheduled for release on Wednesday, Jan. 3.

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