Bill Sienkiewicz Wants to Illustrate a New Mutants Movie Poster


Sony's latest poster for the anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming made a massive splash when it hit the Internet, though not in the way the studio would have liked. Rather than generating more excitement for the upcoming collaboration with Marvel Studios, the poster's poorly-composed Photoshop work quickly became a laughing stock on social media and sparking a number of thinkpieces on the lost art of movie posters. Acclaimed comics illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards even weighed in on how and why the poster fails in an interview that ultimately may end up inspiring a poster most fans will want to hang on their walls.

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After sharing Edwards' interview on his Facebook page, acclaimed New Mutants artist Bill Sienkiewicz responded to a comment suggesting that 21st Century Fox should simply hire him to create the posters for its upcoming film starring the young mutants. "This has sparked me to put in an official request to do New Mutants poster," the artist stated. He followed up later in the thread, letting friends and fans know that he had officially made the request with Fox.

"[P]lease don't misunderstand. I'm talking with terrific people at the studio - nothing is set- everything is on the table, etc.," Sienkiewicz wrote. "But THIS has tipped the scales for me, personally. I've officially just made it my mission."

Of course, there's likely a long way to go before Sienkiewicz learns whether his request is approved, and even longer before fans would get their first look at the proposed poster. But that doesn't mean we're not holding out hope that we'll see his art promoting the film in movie theater lobbies. Heck, some of his comic book ads from the series' initial run in the mid-'80s would make great movie posters with minimal adjustments.


Arriving in theaters on April 13, 2018, The New Mutants is expected to begin production in July.

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