Bill Sienkiewicz 'fixes' offensive Superman/Wonder Woman tee

In the aftermath of the controversy about a pair of sexist shirts licensed by DC Comics, celebrated artist Bill Sienkiewicz has created a his own revised design for the "Superman Does It Again" tee.

His version includes a second image, on the back of the shirt, with the Man of Steel's "Score!" answered with Wonder Woman's "Fail!!" -- and an Amazonian fist to the Kryptonian's jaw. "Maybe a bit too on the nose," the New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin artist wrote on his Facebook page, "but there you go ..."

"Supes damned well ought to lose his teeth -- I mean, LOOK at Wonder Woman's FIST on the actual tee shirt," Sienkiewiz wrote in response to a comment. "Hell, I only drew the logical 'next panel.'"

"One major caveat in fairness to my colleagues at DC Comics," he continued. "NONE of the people I work with or I've worked with would've thought this was a good idea or have signed off on this in any capacity -- I'm willing to bet they're as confused and stymied by the tone-deafness of this -- and I'm as confused as any one. I literally have no idea where in the chain of command or course of events, the person or persons who green-lit this -- sits, stands, or snoozes."

DC responded Tuesday to criticism of the shirts, saying in a statement to Comic Book Resources that, "All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain t-shirts are offensive. We agree. Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories." The company also pledged to review its licensing and product design process.

(via ComicsAlliance, Gene Ha)

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