Bill Rosemann launches new column at Dynamic Forces

Press Release

Dynamic Forces is kicking off its 10th Anniversary party early with the addition of 'Behind The Curtain', a new online column beginning this

week at dynamicforces.com. Written by industry insider Bill Rosemann, 'Behind The Curtain' will take readers beyond closed doors and into the halls of power of every leading comic book publisher. Drawing upon the relationships he formed during his 10 years at Marvel Comics, Rosemann will talk with creators and staffers from throughout the entire industry, asking them their thoughts on working with the business's top characters, talent and personalities.

"If there's one question I'm asked most often -- both by veteran readers and acquaintances outside of the industry -- it has to be ˜what's it like to work in comic books?," Rosemann said. "Since I was fortunate enough to spend years at one of the top publishers, and to meet many of this business's most interesting players, I'm going to go directly to the source and give them the chance to tell you what it's really like to work day in and day out in this crazy world. From CrossGen to Image, from Dark Horse to DreamWave, from the House of Ideas to the Distinguished Competition, I'm going to ask writers, editors, artists and 'suits' to take you inside their lives.

"Bill is one of the hardest working guys in the business and we're very fortunate to have him working with us," stated Dynamic Forces president Nick Barrucci. "His 10 years in the trenches at Marvel and his unmatched enthusiasm make him a double threat addition to our online columnists! With Bill taking fans 'Behind The Curtain' each and every week, the fun is just beginning!"

Rosemann's column will debut on Thursday, December 19th, as he goes one-on-one with the man who controls the fate of the ever popular X-Men! Just go to dynamicforces.com to discover his identity and go 'Behind The Curtain!'

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