Bill Rosemann joins CrossGen as Director of Marketing Communications

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., February 10, 2003 - From Major League Baseball to NCAA football,the sports world has recently announced many key talent acquisitions, andnow CrossGen Entertainment has added to the signing spree by landingindustry veteran Bill Rosemann. Fresh off a 10 year run at Marvel Comics,Rosemann has joined CGE's expanding team in the newly created position ofDirector of Marketing Communications.

Rosemann will take over the duties held by Director of CorporateCommunications, Ian M. Feller, allowing Ian to move full-time into the roleof Code 6 Comics Managing Editor. As part of the newly-created position,Bill will oversee media relations, advertising and step into Ian's shoes tobecome CrossGen's primary public relations voice and liaison to the presscorps. In addition, he will be responsible for organizing CrossGen's sectionin Diamond's Previews, among other marketing tasks. Rosemann will officiallyjoin CrossGen on February 24, 2003.

"Bill's track record speaks for itself, and the idea that someone of hiscaliber would just suddenly become available seemed absurd to me," saidCrossGen Vice President of Product Development Tony Panaccio. "As Ianevolves into his role as Managing Editor at Code 6, and I continue to getpulled in different directions by Bridges and other mass market projects,the necessity for a guy like Bill has become apparent in recent months. Whatis wonderful is that we didn't have to settle for someone like BillRosemann. We got the real deal, and we could not be happier."

"Bill is an amazing talent and a guy that everyone in comics knows andrespects, including me," said Feller. "I feel completely confident that Billwill raise the level of this company's exposure and will easily fill theshoes I previously wore. And now that he's here, I can finally focus my fullattention on Code 6 and sift through all the submissions that have beenpiling up for the past six months."

"Unlike that fumbling fool, Boon, this Rosemann possesses a spark ofintelligence," commented Po Po, the monkey mentor of Boon Sai Hong from themonthly series Way of the Rat. "Plus, I am told he admires my simianbrethren, which pleases me."

"Oh, I'm all about the monkey," replied Bill.

Previous to joining CrossGen, Rosemann served as Marketing CommunicationsManager for New York based Marvel Comics. For nearly a decade, Rosemannsteadily climbed the company's ranks, beginning as a freelance writer forMarvel Age magazine and eventually making his way through the sales,advertising and marketing divisions. Known by fandom as "Your Man @ Marvel,"a (not so) secret identity he created to give readers a behind-the-sceneslook at the publisher, Rosemann also penned Deadline, a critically acclaimedmurder mystery.

"For the last three years I've been impressed by CrossGen's focus onimagination, integrity and innovation," stated Rosemann. "Their explorationof mainstream genres, their commitment to delivering stunning visuals on atimely basis, their development of trailblazing programs such as Comics onthe Web, the Compendias, Bridges, and their inserts in Cinescape... theseare all actions that I, as a fan of the entire industry, respect. Actually,'respect'-- for creators, retailers and readers -- is a guiding principalhere, and not only does this company have heart, but it also has long-termplans to continue comics' return to the pop culture radar screen. And that,my friends, is a combination that I'm excited to be a part of."

"In fact," Rosemann concluded, "From now on, you can just call me YourFriend @ CrossGen!"

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