Bill Murray Wanted For Franklin Delano Roosevelt Biopic

As is the case for many, Bill Murray is one of my favorite people in this world. He's endlessly entertaining on camera and off, and his career is littered with fantastic work, everything from Saturday Night Live to Ghostbusters to Lost in Translation. He's also reportedly rather eccentric, and notoriously difficult to contact for business and press-related matters. That's the reason there's been such a hold-up on Ghostbusters 3 and it's also why, as Deadline reports, we're not really sure if this Franklin Delano Roosevelt biopic he's being sought for is something he's interested in.

The movie, called Hyde Park on the Hudson, is set to be directed by Roger Mitchell (Morning Glory, Notting Hill). The story is set during a single weekend in 1939, shortly before the start of World War II, when Britain's king and queen paid a visit to FDR's upstate New York home. This marked the first time a reigning British monarch set foot on U.S. soil. The story is also said to involve a love affair FDR had with his distant cousin Daisy.

I've gotta say, this is perfect casting. Not only does Murray look the part, he's also completely capable of pulling out exactly what is needed to capture the famed former U.S. president for this particular role. Murray is also still owed an Oscar, dammit. Maybe this is the movie for that, maybe it isn't. But someone needs to get on that, pronto.

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